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SPRADLING, sponsor of InterCIDEC


Beltá & Frajumar presents one more year the InterCIDEC’20 contest organized so that new emerging talents, as far as design is concerned, can shine with their works and long-lasting professional relationships can be established among the participants. Both on the part of the designers and the companies of the contract sector, there is an unequalled commitment to position themselves at the forefront. This defines very well one of the main sponsors of InterCIDEC’20.


SPRADLING is an international company based in Barcelona and dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of fabrics for companies in the contract, marine and automotive sectors, although its fabrics are adapted to general upholstery. They stand out for their coated fabrics and meet the needs of more than 75 countries around the world. Even though it is an international company, they work as partners at a local level, that is, they offer such a personalized and close service that distance per location is no longer relevant.


Of course, like the rest of our sponsors and the very spirit of InterCIDEC’20, SPRADLING is committed to the environment. By using the most advanced technologies in its factories, an efficient use of resources can be made and the generation of waste is reduced as much as possible.

When it comes to using energy for its production process, SPRADLING tries to do so in the most sustainable way possible and filters its emissions by using a recycled thermal oil system that removes 99% of the impurities from the air it emits.

They also carry out replanting of forests to reduce their environmental impact and offset the carbon footprint of their activity. Wastewater is not discharged into the public sewerage system, it goes to a retention system where it is treated, filtered and distilled so that it can be reused. 

Their products are of very good quality guaranteeing a long life, but when the time comes to replace them, they can be recycled into other useful products. 

They are an example to follow at the industrial level! 


As usual, this webinar is directed by Marta Palao, Project Manager of Beltá & Frajumar, and has the invaluable presence of Francesca Berenguer, Commercial Manager of SPRADLING Europe in Spain and Portugal.

The first issue addressed is the new situation facing both designers and the sector in general. Berenguer aims at a new approach and a change in the needs of clients to which the sector will be able to respond if it remains at the forefront and in search of continuous improvement as it has been doing up to now. 

For SPRADLING it is clear the value of an initiative like InterCIDEC’20, creating synergies in the development of interior design projects. That is why InterCIDEC’20 joins the list of editions that this professional and committed company has decided to sponsor.

The question of what value SPRADLING brings to an interior designer who is carrying out a project like the one awarded in the InterCIDEC’20 contest or to a hotel that is going to carry out a remodeling is also discussed. Having such a high quality product, the benefits are clear: adaptability and durability. From there, it is derived a practical example of the company’s success that Berenguer doesn’t hesitate to comment with pride on its project with the Palladium group and its star material; Permablok3. 

Without a doubt, SPRADLING is a sponsor that brings a lot of value to the industry and is a benchmark at the business level of how to do things right. The quality of its products, the international presence with local treatment and the social responsibility are its fundamental pillars and those that make it achieve its goals successfully.

Having the opportunity to learn and build professional bridges with this type of company is one of the main objectives of all InterCIDEC editions, apart from promoting new talent in design and interior design. The Spanish business fabric is strong because it competes in quality and innovation, standing out against the widespread relocation of other international industries. InterCIDEC also helps Spanish companies to join forces, learn and become stronger together in such a competitive market.

InterCIDEC’20 is full of content as interesting as this webinar and you can consult the webinar of Ilexpa, or the webinar of Colchones Comodon. Of course you can also check the contest rules and participate in this special edition. 


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