Sustainability and the environment

Beltá Frajumar is engaged in sustainable and quality growth. Putting in value the local and social economy of the company’s environment. Endorsed by the certifications of Bureau Veritas in environment ISO14001  and quality ISO 9001

Durable furniture

The company manufactures durable products that support the responsible Use of Natural Resources. Working only with wood from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and environmentally responsible needs of future generations.

proceso de reciclaje de telas

Recycled tissues

At the end of the furniture’s life, it must be eliminated correctly. The rules on waste disposal may vary from place to place. To ensure that this is done in accordance with current regulations, please contact your local council’s recycling depot. Always check the waste laws of your country.

ISO14001 standard

The company coordinates, through the approval of an Environmental Management Policy, all the objectives and strategic environmental lines to be fulfilled by the organisation. Where it commits itself to comply and enforce all the principles that compose it.

Noticias sobre Sostenibilidad y medio ambiente

Placas solares en el tejado de la nave Belta Frajumar

Beltá Frajumar apuesta por la energía solar

Beltá Frajumar, dedicada a la fabricación y comercialización de muebles tapizados, auxiliares y entornos decorativos para hogar, con el fin de lograr elevados niveles de calidad y servicio dispone de