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InterCIDEC’20 sponsor. ILEXPA | Beltá & Frajumar


News 5th Edition of INTERCIDEC’20 interior design contest

InterCIDEC’20 is full of novelties due to the circumstances surrounding it. This competition connects designers and professionals of the Contract sector so that they can put ideas together and advance respectively in their professional or business careers.

Although the companies sponsoring InterCIDEC’20 have an orientation towards the interior design of business, they also attend to the needs of private clients. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the quality of their products!

ILEXPA Official Sponsor

ILEXPA is one of those InterCIDEC’20 sponsors that stand out for their design and performance. Their lamps are capable of making a room shine with its own light without having to turn on the switch. 

ILEXPA, Experts in lighting 

ILEXPA is a company dedicated to the manufacture of screens and lamps in Spain whose beginnings date back to 1979, that is, with more than 40 years of experience in the lighting sector.

It is located in Valencia and has a workshop equipped with everything necessary to manufacture and adapt to the requests of its customers, either creating a completely new design or modifying details of some of the models that can be found in its catalog.

Webinar with Roberto Cortés from ILEXPA 


The tone of this InterCIDEC’20 is that of celebrating the contest enjoying and taking note of the contributions of its sponsors in the form of a Webinar. In the case of ILEXPA, as in the other webinars of the contest, Marta Palao will be in charge of leading the whole intervention. This webinar has the contributions of Roberto Cortés, founder and manager of the lighting company ILEXPA.

The first approach taken in this online seminar is what ILEXPA has to say about the situation in which we find ourselves as professionals in the interior design and hotel sector. It also deals with the importance of a contest such as InterCIDEC’20 for professionals already working in the sector, such as recent graduates and / or prescribers in this industry.

Of course, we talk about what a company as experienced as ILEXPA brings to those professionals who are carrying out a new interior design or renovation project. Next, we will discuss the trends that are being observed in the market and relate a success story that illustrates ILEXPA’s work professionally. 

The industrial fabric at national levels has had to change and adjust to the changes that have taken place over the years. Decisions have ranged from outsourcing services to the relocation of factories. Those who have decided to keep their workshops within the country have professionals with a lifetime of experience who put their know-how into practice in every project they do.

That is why InterCIDEC’20 is presented once again as an opportunity to link up this potential professional team and put together practices, designs, management,…that will boost Spanish companies and get them to embark on innovative projects that are perfectly aligned with market trends. 

If you found it interesting, don’t forget that there are many more interesting contributions in the webinars of this InterCIDEC’20! You can also check the contest rules here.


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