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Furniture for paradors and hotels


Paradores and hotels in Spain

Paradors are hotels located in emblematic sites of great artistic or cultural interest such as historic buildings, castles, palaces rehabilitated with the aim of promoting sustainable and quality tourism in areas of natural beauty or with a smaller number of visitors.

Since their origin at the beginning of the 20th century, paradors have been built mostly to take advantage of and rehabilitate historical monuments, becoming today one of the most interesting destinations in Spain, with 97 establishments distributed throughout the country in cities declared World Heritage Sites, monumental environments, national parks and natural areas, etc.

Parador Costa da Morte (Galicia)

More than half of the paradors have their own restaurants and stores to promote the local industry and economy, highlighting the gastronomy and typical products of the region or guided tours, as well as highly equipped facilities and spa to offer guests an exclusive experience of disconnection and maximum comfort.

Depending on their location and typology, these hotels can be classified into different categories:

  • Paradores Civia: located in city centers.
  • Paradores Esentia: historic buildings such as monasteries, palaces or castles.
  • Paradores Naturia: located in natural environments outside the cities.

Some of the most renowned and most visited Paradors in Spain are:

Parador de Plasencia, Parador de Jaén, Sant Estevo (Ourense), AiguaBlava (Girona), Costa da Morte in Galicia among others.

Furniture for national paradors

The furniture in paradors, as in hotels, must play an essential role both in the materials used and in its design to offer customers a comfortable, safe and high quality stay, as well as to make them feel a unique connection and experience with the accommodation and the environment that surrounds it. For this reason, all furniture for hotel establishments must offer optimal characteristics of durability and resistance in structures (solid wood, iron and steel), pillows (different thicknesses and levels of comfort) and upholstery with easy-to-clean, water-resistant or fire-resistant fabrics, etc.

It is also important to use sustainable materials and resources in the manufacture of these pieces that respect the environment, such as 100% recycled fabrics, wood from forests with controlled exploitation, or reducing the use of petroleum derivatives in foams and adhesive products, etc.

A correct choice of the characteristics and materials of the furniture, as well as a proper maintenance, cleaning and use will allow to extend the useful life of the product up to more than ten years in a good state of conservation.

Parador d´AiguaBlava en acantilado Punta dés Mus (Girona).

How to choose the furniture to decorate a parador or a luxury hotel

The choice of furniture for a parador or a hotel will depend on the interior design project, which is responsible for providing and coherently developing the identity and personality of the spaces according to the needs and structural possibilities of the building, the concept to be developed, the choice of color palette, etc.

The decoration of the inns also implies respecting and preserving the history of the place, preserving most of the original elements and at the same time providing unique designs that will result in a unique environment to surprise and delight the guests.

Below, we propose some ideas of timeless design furniture to decorate paradors and hotels creating environments of great elegance and harmony:

DOMO side tables and BACK side tables at the Aiguablava Parador.

Furniture for reception and common areas

The reception of a parador or a hotel, also known as hall, is one of the most important rooms as it represents the first impression that the customer receives of the accommodation and the place of passage and waiting for guests so it should be equipped with a striking, welcoming and attractive aesthetic furniture that perfectly defines the style of interior design.

The trend of the counters in paradors and small rural hotels is to bet more and more on an avant-garde design, discreet, with small dimensions and minimalist finishes instead of the classic longitudinal style of a single piece of large proportions with visible materials such as marble, precious metals or ceramics more common in large hotels.

The waiting room should feature modular style sofas or custom upholstered benches, armchairs and poufs so that guests can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant experience while chatting, reading or browsing on their mobile devices. Coffee tables and side tables will complete the environment by providing surfaces to incorporate light fixtures and decorative objects.

Delta armchairs and ICON table at the Ibiza Twiins hotel reception desk.

Furniture for rooms and suites

The rooms are private spaces in which comfort, beauty and relaxation must prevail, providing visitors with a unique experience with furniture that provides comfort, quality and is functional. The rooms of the paradors are mostly characterized by stone cladding, exposed wooden beams and a rural – classic style, so it will be essential to have a timeless design furniture and a color palette for finishes that fits well with the environment.

Oak or walnut can bring an elegant aesthetic to the furniture and plain or light tones such as beige and gray upholstery can also be a good solution to give brightness and spaciousness to the rooms. The style and personalization of the furniture will depend on the type of room and the identity you want to convey.

Some of the elements that cannot be missing in a room of a parador and hotel are:

Sofas and sofa beds, armchairs, desks, puffs, coat racks, mirrors, headboards, trunks and footboards.

BLOM armchair in room of Hotel Der Waldhof

Restaurant and cafeteria furniture

The restaurants and cafeterias of a Parador are very busy spaces where guests want to enjoy the atmosphere and the gastronomy. Tables, chairs, stools and armchairs must be resistant and functional, so it is recommended to use materials such as solid wood and metal reinforcements in the structures to avoid breakage and minimize wear and tear due to handling and daily use. The upholstery fabric should be easy to clean and resistant to knocks, scratches, etc.

Depending on the aesthetics of the premises, a more avant-garde or classic style will be chosen, but it will always be important to surprise with pieces that provide eye-catching colors.

Some of the basic furniture to decorate a restaurant are: Tables, armchairs, chairs, stools, custom-made benches, coat racks and shelves.

Furniture armchairs and table in Hotel Sincrosfera Denia

Furniture projects carried out in national paradors by Beltá Frajumar

Some of the contract projects carried out by Beltá Frajumar in the manufacture and equipping of furniture in Spain are:


Parador AiguaBlava (Girona)

Located on the cliff of Punta dés Must in Girona, this parador is known for being the enclave of artists who came to be inspired and for its architecture next to the sea and the sky. Tamo armchairs by Vicente Gallega together with Back side tables by Robert Ortega and Kiro puffs are some of the pieces that we can find in the common areas of this wonderful parador on the Costa Brava.

Tamo armchairs and KIRO pouffes in Aiguablava Parador

PARADOR Costa da morte (Muxia, Galicia)

Located next to Praia de Lourido and with stunning views of the sea, this contemporary architecture parador allows to know a natural environment of great beauty with incredible cliffs, beaches and near Cape Finisterre in Galicia. In this project we provided Delta by Javier Herrero armchairs in the rooms, puffs and custom furniture.

Butaca Delta en habitación del parador Costa Da Morte


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