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Exclusive collection of furniture manufactured by Beltá Frajumar for design lovers. A direct, simple, comfortable and fast dialogue with those who share the passion for the world of furniture, decoration and interior design. Furniture created by designers, interior designers and architects, only available here.

WING sofa Belta Frajumar
EDAI sofá living
EDAI sofá respaldo separado
Sofá SLIM diseño de interiores hogar
sofa-tela luca-6660-acabado roble
Sofa INUA mobiliario para hogar
Sofá OLIV ambiente hogar de diseño
Sofá OLIV living cojines
Sofá tapizado tela luca ideal para espacios comunes
COOL Sofá para hotel
SUIT sofa tela azul Navy 6695
SUIT sofa marca Belta Frajumar
ILUM sofá de diseño para hogar
ILUM sofá asiento
Sofa Loft tapizado tela Nola
coleccion- cage-sofa-butaca-ilmiodesign-belta-frajumar
EGOS sofa
EGOS sofa