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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsability

Concerned with the environment

Beltá Frajumar is engaged with its environment, that is why part of the resources are focused on projects with social purposes regarding its policy of corporate social responsibility, CSR.

Sports activities

Cooperating in sports activities such as the National Cross Festivals of the Virgin, a reference athletic event in which the company participated in its creation and has always been involved for over 35 years.

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Employment integration of disabled people

Supporting the labour integration of people with intellectual disabilities through the programme “Diverse Talent” organized by CETEM and AMPY. Or with Cáritas through the programme to improve the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion.

Training for students

Helping in the formation of the most young students of schools and institutes of the area, stimulating creativity, showing the facilities and the work that is done there.

InterCIDEC Professional Competition

Creating InterCIDEC, International Contract Environment Design Competition. With the objective of generating opportunities for professionals and students in the architecture and interior design sector, through the development of creative projects that can be produced and installed in the new hotels with which Beltá Frajumar works, turning the winning projects into real contracts for the contestants.

Transformation towards the future

In conclusion, the company is living a transformation. The experience and the trajectory teach that it is necessary to analyse everything that has happened in order to act in the present and know how to interpret the future.

Corporate Social Responsibility News

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Helping is everyone’s responsibility

Discover ARY! The non-profit organization to which we have donated one of our sofas. Because helping is everyone’s responsibility, and at Beltá & Frajumar we do it the way we know best.