Now, it is not the time, don’t buy it. It is not a basic necessity

We didn’t stop working, we haven’t gone on vacation. At the moment, our priority is to produce the sanitary material that we have been requested but we continue to attend to your requests to the extent of the current possibilities.

Perhaps, in other time, this might seem unthinkable, because the fast-paced market and day-to-day drive us to win the battle, to arrive the first and close projects before anyone else.

Be clear about our preferences

At the same time we know how to be competitive, we also know that sometimes we have to change the goal of our efforts. And this one from COVID-19 is one of those occasions, when we have unconditionally come to the call of one of our brothers, as if it were a real family, because at the end of the day, we are a family! Yes, the large family of Yecla companies that without thinking twice has set out to manufacture sanitary masks and other products needed to distribute among hospitals and so many other social organizations that need them. A totally altruistic initiative involving equals entrepreneurs and workers. This is the response of a people united in the face of adversity!

That is why we want our readers, our followers and also our buyers to understand that the situation has made us shelved a few days our daily work, to start manufacture this necessary mask on any occasion. We look forward to your understanding, as our Service slows down when it comes to fulfilling orders. We don’t disappear or go on vacation; we are only making sanitary equipment.

Thanks to the more than 30 companies for making it a reality

It’s the movement of the masks. An initiative that will certainly open new doors for us all to face new challenges of the future.

Finally, we would like to name each of the companies that are collaborating on this unforgettable initiative started by Fama Sofás and they are: Somieres AzorínCandela TapizadosMillani Quality SofásGobikEcus SleepTapicerías NavarroColors SofásTapizados DinaTM silleríasMayor Tapizados,  Soffran, TayberDolce Confort, Dwinma Tapizados, Muñoz Mora Tapizados, GomarcoSancal, Yakkar, AcomodelValery RelaxTecni NovaMopal, Suinta, Bossetti, Tapizados Pedro OrtizMobel Yecla, Dinta, SudespoCabanes & Ortuño,  Cetem, Don Relax, Confissi, Paco Moreno and Ferreterías Verdú.



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