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Quality manufacturing

Beltá Frajumar manufactures in Spain under a Quality Management System, ISO 9001 and compromises with the care and protection of the environment under an Environmental Policy, ISO14001 , both certified by the company Bureau Veritas.

Precision and detail

The company creates furniture that is subject to demanding quality and precision measures, and to this end has highly qualified personnel and years of experience in the sector. Manufacturing systems that result in superior furniture, with great resistance and durability, that meets the requirements of the client. For this purpose, we have up-to-date machinery at the forefront of technology, computer machining (CNC), laser cutting machinery, … combined with the best materials, wood, metals, fabrics, those that are suitable in each situation and handled by specialists, result in an excellent product.

Innovation and quality

Committed to innovation and quality, Beltá Frajumar manufactures its collections with the highest demands, from the selection of materials to safety and quality tests.


Solid planed pine wood frame, with edging in the friction areas to prolong the useful life of the suspension. Covered with foam of 30 and 60 kg/m3. Occasionally metallic elements are used to reinforce frames.
Suspension in frame using Nea elastic webbing with a 10 year guarantee of quality.

Polyurethane foams of different densities are used depending on the use and performance anticipated for each model. Foams free of CFCC (Chlorine, Fluore, Carbone) which do not contain chemical substances that could be harmful to health.

Seat cushions made of Spring System, composed of individual socket springs inside foam walls of HR 35kg/m3 and totally covered by an extra thin layer of silicone fibre. Spring system maintains seating integrity for years and provides excellent comfort.
Hollow silicon Fibre, anti mite, anti bacterial and anti fungal. The fabric is 100% microfibre with extra soft touch. This fibre provides air circulation and reduces the appearance of humidity. Composition of hypoallergenic material prevents allergic reaction.
Microgel. High quality and performance microfibre that simulates goose down. Achieving comfort and ergonomics of goose down cushions without the inconvenience of allergies and loss of feathers.
Fabrics. Due to the large number of fabrics existing in the market, Belta Frajumar recommends for its products the use of the fabrics shown in our display samples. Certified fabrics that have been subjected to quality tests in textile technology centres with the purpose of correctly fulfilling the use for which they were manufactured.. For the correct maintenance of the fabrics the specifications shown in each sample should be followed.

Quality and endurance Test

 Quality and Endurance Test of BLOM Armchair

Maintenance, quality and materials