Hotel Sofa beds

Manufacture and sofa beds selection in a wide variety of sizes. Nowadays the sofa bed has become a fundamental piece in the hotel room and lobby due to its possibilities, resulting in a practical, comfortable, functional and quality object.

Sofá cama DARO ambiente
DARO OP. A sofa bed
DARO OP.C sofa bed
DARO OP.D sofa bed
DUE SOFA CAMA ambiente de diseño salon hogar
DUE sofa bed
GUBI sofa Bed
GUBI sofa Bed
homy sofa
HOMY Sofa bed
ambiente kirk
KIRK sofa
LAZY sofa Bed
LAZY sofa Bed
lazy sofa bed
LAZY Sofa Bed
QUIET bed armchair
QUIET sofa bed
QUIET sofa bed
Sillón cama ROCK
ROCK bed armchair