This commercial guarantee does not affect the consumer’s rights, in accordance with the law 7/2021. Beltá Frajumar guarantees his furniture during 3 years from the buying date. Within this period, any damage detected on the item and the repairing of the damages will be repaired free of charge. The guarantee will not cover the repairing, if it is consequence of the natural wear of the product, rough treatment, inappropriate use or damages occasioned during the transport and storage.
Beltá Frajumar reserves the right to inspect the furniture before its repair and to consider the nature or origin of the damage and, in consequence, to accept it under the guarantee or not in order to be repaired. Beltá Frajumar will not pay for the damages or prejudices in the time that the furniture is off duty.




This guarantee must be filled out and stamped at its reception. To make claim of guarantee: The guarantee, which is stated on the back side of this label, must be sent to the Beltá Frajumar central office. The product has to be sent back, if it is possible in the original packing, and the nature of the damage has to be mentioned to the distributor. Both the coupon of guarantee and the product will be returned once the repair has been made. Manipulation of the furniture (repairs, modifications, dismantled) by any person, who does not belong to the Beltá Frajumar structure, will annul the guarantee.
In case of reclaiming, please apply to the business house, where you acquired the piece, bringing this certificate sheet. Our distributor will be pleased to assist you.




Wear and tear from normal use. Deliberate damage or damage caused by user’s negligence or non-compliance with the instructions for use. Damage caused by chemical reactions. Decorative parts that do not affect the normal use of the product. Accidental damage caused by objects or substances not suitable for the maintenance or cleaning of the product. Repairs that are not carried out in the establishments of Beltá Frajumar or repairs that are executed in the establishment of Beltá Frajumar when it does not correspond to the product’s use. Repairs of damage caused by improper installation or where specifications have not been followed. The amount for performing the installation of the product. Loss of colour of fabrics, leatherette or leather as a result of repeated exposure to sunlight or other climatic factors, these materials are for interiors. The colours of fabrics, leatherette, leather and varnish may vary from one batch to another. Variations of tonality in the fabrics with respect to the sample book or printed catalogue, these are mere samples, but will never be equal to 100% of the final sample. Inadequate use of cleaning products. Beltá Frajumar is not responsible in any case for those upholsteries that have been improperly treated either by washing, loss of colour or stain cleaning, without having taken into account the specific cleaning standards for each upholstery. Changes in appearance and loss of product properties caused by normal use of the product: sponginess of the rubber and padding, wear and tear of the fabrics due to rubbing, inevitable stretching of the leather, movement of the fabrics, fabrics with a lot of stretch due to their composition. Furthermore, depending on the technical characteristics of the material selected for upholstery, these stretch more or less, so the wrinkles that appear due to the use of the product are normal and inevitable. The manufacture and quality of the upholstery supplied by the customer. Damage caused during transport and delivery of the product. The value of the transport of the furniture. Damage detected on receipt of the product and not indicated at the time of delivery.