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If you are looking for the perfect modern design sofa, you will find it in our Beltá Frajumar collection. Minimalist, exclusive, functional and most important, always prioritising comfort.

muebles hotel sofá ALAN
ALAN sofa
AXIS sofa
BASIK sofa
coleccion- cage-sofa-butaca-ilmiodesign-belta-frajumar
CAGE sofá
Sofá tapizado tela luca ideal para espacios comunes
COOL sofa
COSY sofa
Sofá cama DARO ambiente
DARO OP. A sofa bed
DARO OP.D sofa bed
DUE SOFA CAMA ambiente de diseño salon hogar
DUE sofa bed
EDAI sofá living
EDAI sofa
EGOS sofa
EGOS sofa
Emuc Sofá tela beige 6669
EMUC sofa