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Our History


In 1967, Francisco Juan Martínez founded Frajumar. A family business driven by a dynamic and innovative spirit that is focused on quality, innovation and design. From the beginning, it has concentrated on the creation of a timeless product without forgetting traditional knowledge.

In its beginnings, it was dedicated to the manufacture of furniture on a tubular steel structure. Models such as the Rocker Chair and the Chair nº22, are two of the reference models in the history of the company. Tables and side tables also completed the firm’s first catalogue. In general, metal furniture with original and different shapes from the competition. The result is a complete catalogue of products, recognisable at any point of sale nationwide. The first furniture collections with the goal of fully satisfying the needs of contemporary life.


In 1995, with the progressive incorporation of their three children into the directive, the company took a new direction. Due to their work experience in the world of design and marketing, they adopted a strategy based on collaboration with designers, bringing to their products the commercial values imposed by design itself. They have made this the backbone and the key tool for managing their business activity, which has enabled them to transform a common product, such as a sofa, into a clearly differentiated one, to distance themselves from the great competition that affects their sector and to ensure solid and continuous growth. Where the core function of design and quality encompasses every manifestation of the company. The implementation of these values is a consequence of the training given by the company’s founder, Francisco Juan Martínez, to all the members of the team that make up the company. People who apply these values to their daily work on a daily basis.



In 2002, he began to participate in hotel projects as a result of his close contact with interior designers, designers and architects who develop products for the firm. As a result, Beltá Frajumar was created, a brand exclusively dedicated to the hospitality sector, made up of a team of professionals specialised in the development, manufacture and assembly of furniture for hotel projects.


Today, Beltá Frajumar, as a manufacturer, offers a wide range of services to carry out all kinds of interior design projects on a national and international scale, guaranteed by each of the installations carried out.


In 2016, after the search for a different concept in hotel spaces, the initiative for the InterCIDEC Contract Environment Design Award was born.


The competition, created and organised by Beltá Frajumar, aims to cover a latent need in the hotel and hospitality/contract sector. It is for professional architects and interior designers, decorators in the sector in general. InterCIDEC proposes a competition where participants have the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination in order to carry out projects that are really interesting, with the main objective of turning these projects into real works that can be executed later.


What better time, in a year like this, to reflect and spend time on what interests us, time to know in detail what surrounds us and be aware of the value of the things that happen to us every day.


Today the company is living a great transformation. Our experience and our history teach us that it is necessary to analyse everything that has happened in order to act in the present and to know how to interpret the future.