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Competition Rules of the International Hospitality Interior Design Award – InterCIDEC ’20

Genre: Interior Design

Prizes: GENESIS CATEGORY: € 3,000 in cash
WORK CATEGORY: € 3,000 in broadcasting and promotion

Open to: Individual Professionals or team of Architects, Interior Designers, Designers and Hoteliers

Calling entity: Beltá & Frajumar

Country of the organizing entity: Spain

Closing date:   30/09/2020


Professionals of architects, interior designers, designers and hoteliers can participate. International award open to professionals from all around the world.

Similarly, you can participate both individually or as a team.


The works presented to the prize will be an interior design. The UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an action plan in favor of people, the planet and prosperity, which also intends to strengthen universal peace and access to justice. After having the COP25 in Spain, the Climate Change Congress, we ask ourselves: how can we contribute? In this line, this year’s theme for the InterCIDEC Award is the interior design of a Sustainable Urban Tourist Apartment. Yes, it can include kitchen, balcony and bathroom (optional).


Above all, the environmental value and sustainable proposals will be valued both in the quality of the design and in the creative skills of the author / s.


The 5th edition of the Award presents two categories:

CATEGORY GENESIS: Outline your dream. Design a better experience for the world! NEW DESIGN proposal for Sustainable Tourist Apartment plans of 40 to 60m² approx. If you want your model to be launched, share your scoop! Download the plans here.


As a novelty this year, the 5th edition of the Award presents a NEW CATEGORY:

CATEGORY WORK: Do you have a job already done? Share your achievement! Participate with a Sustainable Tourism Apartment project ALREADY CARRIED OUT AND EXECUTED, in recent years, regardless of whether it has been done for a company or private individual.

Take another victory with your work!


The works, which should not have been previously awarded in any national or international competition, will be presented in Spanish. No prior registration is required. Everything will be sent together to the prize.

1 report will be presented, typed, duly bound and in DIN A4 size, headed by the corresponding title and the work must be devoid of any detail that may allow its author/s to be identified. It will also be presented 1 panel A2 on a rigid support, headed by the corresponding title and must lack of any detail that can identify its author/s. They (memory and panel A2) will be presented without signature in a large envelope. In the same envelope, another closed envelope will be attached, which will include:

-the title of the work,

-the author/s’s information: name and surname, national identification document, postal address, email, telephone and updated document that accredits him as a professional,

– expressed declaration guaranteeing the authorship of the work presented.

A maximum of 2 proposals may be submitted per participant / team.


The originals, indicating in the envelope “For the 5th InterCIDEC Award 2020” will be addressed to:


Poeta Fco. Antonio Jiménez nº33

Pol. Ind. “Urbayecla II” Apdo. 95

30510 Yecla, Murcia



.Digital format, send by email all the documentation to the email

To each of the works submitted, a registration number will be assigned in strict order of receipt, if they are submitted within the admission period.


The original admission period will close on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. By attending the prize, the author/s accept these rules and agree not to withdraw the work once submitted.


The winners will be chosen by an independent jury of prestigious professionals related to architecture, interior design, decoration, media, Official Colleges of Architects and Interior Designers, and hotel companies, which will assess the conceptual proposal, innovation, environmental value and accessibility. Its composition will not be made public until days before the awarding of the prize, its decision being final. This will be communicated through the website of Beltá & Frajumar and its social media during the month of October 2020.

In addition, press releases will be issued with the results of the contest, which will be distributed among the main media specialized in architecture, interior design, contract and furnishing (both in written press, radio, television and, of course, social networks and blogosphere).


Two first prizes will be awarded:

  1. In the GENESIS Category, a single prize of € 3,000 in cash and a diploma will be awarded.
  2. In the WORK Category a single prize of € 3,000 in broadcasting and promotion in media and a diploma will be awarded.

If any of the winning projects finally concludes in a contract / sale of the project to be installed in a hotel, the author/s will be entitled to the relevant economic benefits.

The Jury reserves the right to grant 3 choice awards if it deems it appropriate. These awards, without economic content, entail a gift and the option to receive the corresponding royalties, if that project might be sold to a hotel customer among other collaborations.

The winners will receive a diploma and a gift, and the projects might be presented / mounted in international fairs attended by Beltá & Frajumar.


Participate completing this form or sent an email to

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