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Nature’s influence on design

luna table

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists in all branches of art, and furniture designers are no exception. Have you ever wondered how nature influences design? 

Nature influences even when you least appreciate it, in every detail. No matter what product is being designed, it is always the best database. There’s more in the world to discover than there is to invent. And in Beltá & Frajumar we apply its simplicity, efficiency, functionality and aesthetics to the design of everyday objects. 


Nature in Beltá & Frajumar


In Beltá & Frajumar we are inspired by nature and art, mainly by the hand of Dsignio, whose designs reflect both fields and are nourished and used by it to lead creativity.

Nature protects them and the forests of Madrid give freshness and wings to their imagination. Trees and hollows to the touch, paths with geometric designs, side ponds and cypresses moulded with whimsical shapes. 

This is how Alberto Bejerano and Patxi Cotarelo bring out some of their ideas, designers out of pure passion who love to tell stories through their designs, which take the user to other places with that touch of playfulness and ingenuity.


Nature in manufacturing


In Beltá & Frajumar we like to make the designs that we obtain from nature with natural materials that reflect their beauty as much as possible, mainly wood, stone and marble, achieving the creation of an aesthetic and quality furniture. 

Moreover, the presence of these materials in our daily lives creates a sense of closeness and union with nature and reminds us that we are part of it, something we try to convey with our products. 


Nature in design


Beltá & Frajumar’s furniture is not only made of natural materials, but, as we have already mentioned, it is also inspired by the forms and movements of nature. They are design objects capable of adding a fresh and natural touch to every home, regardless of its style.

Let nature come into your home or establishment through some of Beltá & Frajumar’s works inspired by it! 




Luna is a table born from the idea of representing the simplicity of its natural form. Made of marble or solid oak, its clean natural lines invite us to think of something timeless and outside the rules of conformity taking inspiration from the moon. 




Hang is a coat rack for lovers of wood, simplicity and ingenuity. An iconic object result of craftsmanship and instinctive design in which natural wood allows the eye to see nature in its purest form. 

Inspired by the branches of a tree, it reflects the colours of the autumn that arrives in the orchards of Northern Europe by using a wooden structure responsibly wooded in ash without any other intervention than that proposed by nature itself. 




The Bazk chair is a delicate, unpolished piece of cabinetmaking that focuses on maintaining contact with the wood. An organic design inspired by nature that takes you back to your origins and wraps you in responsibly wooded ash, oak or walnut. 




We finished with one of the Beltá & Frajumar prototypes, the Loto table, which we will soon add to our catalogue. 

With it we wanted to bring the tranquility of the lotus to the home through a wooden table in the shape of a water lily, whose sketches we made near a pond and in which we captured the calm that characterizes them. A proposal in which every detail has been taken care of in order to generate tranquility and well-being. 


Nature has always been one of the main sources of inspiration for our studio. By observing it we can find many of the solutions we need when we design, and these designs are clear examples. 

The result is fresh, elegant and welcoming design elements that evoke nature. Because as Alberto Bejerano and Patxi Cotarelo said, in nature is the answer.  


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