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Open September furnishing your home

muebles de diseño belta frajumar

September is a month of change. It starts as summer and ends as autumn. It invites us to make a transition to improve our daily life and adapt to the times that come. So it’s the ideal time to make a change in the decoration of your home or start from scratch in your new home, open September furnishing your home! 

To help you choose which design furniture will be most suitable for you, we’re going to divide it up by zones where each one fits perfectly. Take note! 

The hall

Mirrors make a space look much wider and brighter, so it’s a good idea to place a mirror like Skon XL at the entrance to your home. Of course, we can’t forget that the hall must have some surface to deposit the keys. If the keys have a fixed place like this, you will save time and headaches by not having to look for them constantly. The Oliá table, with its marble surface is an ideal design furniture for this task: resistant and elegant. 


The lounge

Regardless of whether your lounge is large or small, the ideal is not to overload it even if it’s exclusive furniture like Beltá & Frajumar’s, because it can get in the way and saturate both your lounge and your head. In this sense, less is more. Soft pouffes in their different sizes (100×100, 70×70 y 50×50) are a good alternative to chairs or armchairs because they give a much more open air. 

Of course, you will need a sofa, but each sofa from Beltá & Frajumar has a different character and you will have to find the one that best suits you. For example, the Newy sofa has a markedly casual and youthful personality, very much in line with lifestyles of pure dynamism. On the other hand, LIVE sofas are more minimalist with a clean and futuristic feel, which will fit in with more structural and organizational minds that like to have only the essentials. The LIVE Line also offers an interesting option for the use of an armchair or a pouffe to accompany the sofa and make a suitable outfit for your lounge. 


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When choosing a table, one must take into account where it is going to be placed. If it’s going to be a coffee table it has to be showy, have a low height so that it’s more comfortable to use from the level we are at when we sit on the sofa and big enough to hold the tools we usually use like the TV remote control or the phone. However, if we want the table to have an auxiliary function to carry a lamp or a landing phone, a much smaller size is enough. The Open table would be a suitable model for both cases because it has a medium size. 

The main room 

The main room in a house is its heart. The decoration should be intimate and very personal, creating a safe environment to rest body and mind. With design furniture such as the Inside divan you will be able to give it a distinctive touch with respect to any other space. It will allow you to rest momentarily without having to use the bed and also rest items that you are going to use then, as if it were an extended table and very timely. 


For the bedside tables, it’s not necessary to use furniture with drawers that are usually too sturdy and rough. Spaces such as the main room can look much clearer if you use bedside tables like Stul: elegant, light and minimalist. 

The studio/guest room

It’s highly recommended that rest and work spaces be separated. Doing tasks that require a mental activity or very stimulating within our rest space as the main room can lead to two things: that it’s more difficult to fall asleep or disconnect because the pressure of work is transmitted to the conceptual place, or that at times when concentration is needed in the activity is much more difficult because the opposite occurs, we see it as a too quiet environment that abstracts us from the urgency of doing productive tasks. 

If you have enough rooms in your home, it’s best to create a space that serves both a study and a guest room. To be able to work comfortably, our Best and Poet desks are two key pieces. They have a large and beautiful wooden surface that will allow you to organize your space to have everything at hand. In addition, Poet has a double height that is very useful if you have to reach for different things throughout your day very often. 

To make it suitable as a guest room, you can have design furniture like the Look sofa or armchairs as Live or a Look armchairs. They occupy less space and serve as a meeting place if in the room is another visitor or another person that needs that space. At some point you can always use it as an improvised bed, but we also have sofa beds in our catalog, we invite you to take a look. 

From Beltá & Frajumar we have prepared this post to help you choose between our exclusive and we have made a selection of the design furniture that have different discounts this month. Take advantage of them while you can!


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