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Beltá & Frajumar presents its 5th edition of the InterCIDEC Interior Design Awards


This year, in Beltá & Frajumar we presented our 5th edition of the InterCIDEC Interior Design Awards, focused on the design, creation and development of the interior design of a tourist apartment, environmentally sustainable. Participation is free of charge and entries can be submitted until 30 September.  

Our aim with the InterCIDEC Awards is none other than connecting architectural professionals and interior designers with hotel and tourism companies to make their projects a reality, offering hotels and tourism entrepreneurs, innovative interior design proposals generated from the research and demands of the users of these establishments.  

In addition, we seek to respond to the needs that are being generated due to the social distancing and hygiene standards that COVID-19 has brought us, which in turn have resulted in this peculiar format of presentation of the fifth edition by Francisco Juan, CEO of Beltá & Frajumar, and Marta Palao, head of InterCIDEC

Thus, as the video says, the theme of this fifth edition will be the creation and development of the interior of a sustainable tourist apartment, considering this year two new prizes: one for the category “Genesis”, destined to new projects designed and presented in the competition, with an endowment of 3,000 euros; and another for the category “Works carried out”, destined to projects already made, with another 3,000 euros destined to promotion in the media, increasing, therefore, the endowment up to 6,000 euros. 



Created in 2016, InterCIDEC is also a creative opportunity to generate synergies between companies and participants by offering the opportunity to convert these new design projects into real contracts, capable of being manufactured and installed in the new spaces mentioned, something for which they would receive the relevant economic benefits. Or by the promotion from which the winners of the category of works carried out can benefit. 

In that sense, the winners will be chosen by an independent jury, composed of prestigious professionals related to architecture, interior design, decoration and design, the media, the Official Associations of Architects and Interior Designers and hotel companies, who will evaluate the proposals, innovation, aesthetic value and accessibility. In addition, together with the two prizes, the Jury reserves the right to grant 3 choice awards if it deems it appropriate, without economy content.

To conclude, this year InterCIDEC has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of several companies as Sonae Arauco, Comodón, Ilexpa, Spradling, Designers Guild, Interihotel o Eurocargo, among others, plus a large number of collaborators among public and academic institutions, linked to architecture, interior design and decoration.

For more information, please consult the complete bases.   


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