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INTERCIDEC 2020 – Interior Design Contest

Intercidec comodon

INTERCIDEC 2020 Interior Design Contest 

The InterCIDEC’20 contest organized by Beltá & Frajumar is presented once again to the sector, betting on the talent of designers and creating community between them and the Contract sector. 


The pillar of this InterCIDEC’20 edition is sustainability adapted to the new context that surrounds us. Participants must create an interior design proposal for a tourist apartment that guarantees sustainability and quality in its design.

One of our collaborators and sponsor of InterCIDEC’20 is the company Colchones Comodon, specialists in rest that have a wide experience in the sector and manufacture in Spain with high quality standards. 

Colchones Comodon

As it could not be otherwise, Comodon is aligned with the objectives of environmental responsibility that govern the contest. Among its actions to minimize the ecological impact of its activity are the use of water-based adhesives, textiles certified by the OEKO-TEK Standart 100 label that guarantees the use of toxin-free fabrics and efficient recycling of waste in green points.

Due to the special circumstances surrounding this contest edition, the face-to-face activities that were already being seen at InterCIDEC have been replaced by a series of Webinars organised by Beltá & Frajumar as the host, in collaboration with the different sponsors of the event.  

The aim is to provide value and knowledge to the sector by resorting to professionals who can contribute a touch of the future of business. The knowledge of such a specialized sector but at the same time so immense, can create a conducive environment to innovation through the learning of techniques that hadn’t been used until now in some companies because they were not seen from a groundbreaking vision.

Marta Palao, Project Manager of Beltá & Frajumar is in charge of guiding the Webinar of guest Miguel Serna, Hospitality and Marketing Manager of Colchones Comodon.

The future of the Hotel sector

In this Webinar, various topics will be discussed such as the future of the hotel sector in the new context and the crucial role to be played by furniture and interior designers, the value that an event like InterCIDEC brings, the importance of the national and international user experience, as well as trends in the mattress sector and examples of Comodon success stories.

It becomes evident the importance and value of the information that Comodon shares with all the interested parties, professionals of the sector who are eager for knowledge applicable to their own fields. 

Comodon is a company that cares about offering quality, carrying out an ecologically sustainable activity and about people. The happiness, integrity and growth of all the human factor that surrounds this company is part of its hospitable spirit. That is why they support the promotion of new talent by collaborating with InterCIDEC’20.

Without a doubt, this edition of InterCidec’20 will create bridges between the different branches and establish efficient and sustainable solutions to ensure a better future. All the “know how” offered in this competition by sponsors like Comodon put in value the professionalism and specialization of brilliant teams. Don’t miss anything!

Click here for the contest rules. 


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