InterCIDEC, International Design Contest of Contract Environments. With the purpose of generating opportunities for the professionals and students of the architecture and interior design sector, through the development of creative projects prone to being built and installed in the new hotels Beltá & Frajumar works with, turning the winning projects in real contracts for the competitors.

In Beltá & Frajumar we already present our 5th edition of the InterCIDEC Interior Design Awards, and with two new prizes! Don't miss our today's post and find out everything!
The conceptual proposal is to unite the traditional to the current needs of our society and consumption habits.
So lucky to have such an extraordinary friend! Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada will preside the jury of our International Contract Design Competition 2019
The international contest of interior design, InterCIDEC, has reached its fourth edition. This year
Living up to its name, Membrana, the design of this project focuses on skin or membrane to cover the space. The flexibility of this membrane goes to every area of the project. It has a resistant concept able to connect with the user.
Senses contained born to stimulate the five senses through a single element to develop several uses. The current necessity of the immediacy demands new obligations, different ways to travel and technological resources to organise our trips.
There is a common element on all hotel users such as the suitcase. Through this element, the author creates this interior design concept, the main character of #Sistmaleta project, winner of the hospitality interior design contest InterCIDEC 2018.