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Interview with ILEXPA, Sponsor of InterCIDEC 2021


ILEXPA, Sponsor of the 6th Edition of InterCIDEC 2021

Ilexpa, lampshades and lamps factory is a company dedicated to the lighting sector since 1979. It has become a benchmark company in the lighting sector within the Hospitality sector thanks to its ability to manufacture any lighting for projects with the highest quality, guarantee and service. It also has an extensive catalogue of pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and accessories of its own manufacture.

We would like to introduce Roberto Cortés, founder and manager of the company, and Jorge Cortés, sales manager, who will talk to us about the company’s business model and the different projects in which they are involved:

BF: Welcome Roberto, can you tell us what Ilexpa can offer to the interior designer or architect who is carrying out a hotel renovation or directly to the hotelier?

RC: Ilexpa offers made-to-measure manufacturing to suit the client’s taste, fully adapted to their needs.

BF: Can you explain briefly what Ilexpa does in terms of type of production and product?

RC: Ilexpa manufactures in an exclusive and personalised way the lighting that each project needs, creating perfect atmospheres with light decoration for each occasion and place.

Lighting project in the Netflix series "Midas' Favourites".

BF: Light decoration is an interesting concept and we would like to know the novelties that ILEXPA presents this year.

RC: This year, in spite of the situation caused by Covid, we have done a lot of modelling for our customers and above all we have reaffirmed our proposal to offer more possibilities to the market by expanding our production capacity with machinery, installations with stronger objectives when this situation will be over.

BF: We would like you to explain to us, what is the added value that Ilexpa brings to the hotel sector?

RC: Our main values are to make a tailor-made suit, the desire to work, honesty and to always offer a response to our clients with a fulfilment of service dates and a good quality that the client pays for and deserves.

Our main market is in Spain where we work as a distribution channel through architects, decorators and designers, and we also have a presence in countries such as France, Portugal, Germany, Peru and Panama with exports to specific installations, always through other companies.

Lighting project for T4 Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport.

BF: Roberto, you are retiring next month after a long and interesting career in the company, handing over the baton to your son Jorge. Can you tell us how you are receiving this moment of such an important change?

RC: I am receiving it well, I have prepared myself mentally for retirement. After 49 years in the company, working every day, I can only be thankful that I am in good health, thanks to the customers and friends who have been with me. To my children who promote Ilexpa and good cooperation. I have friends who have had all kinds of problems after retirement, but I think I will overcome everything perfectly. Thank you very much to all of you.


BF: Congratulations on your retirement Roberto and we would like to take the opportunity to talk to Jorge so that he can continue to tell us… We would like to ask you how Ilexpa collaborates with interior designers?

JC: Our relationship with interior designers is very close because in the end it is their idea, their illusion that they want to carry out in the project. We know that each project is different and difficulties arise, so our job is to advise them and accompany them with a reliable service and delivery on the dates that the client wants.

Lighting project Hotel Rocabella, Formentera.

BF: Can you explain to us how Ilexpa is adapting to this situation generated by the Covid health crisis, and have you adapted any of your products to the new needs?

JC: We are currently researching an anti-Covid fabric for the lampshades we use to manufacture the lamps, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria, viruses and mites. We believe that if we manage to manufacture lampshades with this fabric, hoteliers will have an added value when it comes to offering their rooms and stays to their clients and transmitting greater confidence in the tourist market.


BF: What are the advantages of doing a project with Ilexpa?

JC: We offer our clients the possibility of having their lighting made to measure, according to the taste of the decorator or interior designer. We offer the guarantee that it is a “made in Spain” product manufactured in our workshops where we invite the client to get to know all the manufacturing processes and we guarantee spare parts for the next 30 years. We also offer a team of designers, assemblers, welders and weavers to make your projects a reality.


BF: Finally, we would like to know your opinion about the InterCIDEC initiative as a platform for connecting interior designers, manufacturers and hoteliers.

JC: We have been present since the first edition. We think it’s a great idea that can provide solutions and added value to our market and can help us specifiers to recognise the brands we currently work with in the contract sector.

Thank you Roberto and Jorge for the interview and to Ilexpa for their collaboration with InterCIDEC.


Video interview with Ilexpa, Sponsor 6th Edition of InterCIDEC 2021


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