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InterCIDEC Awards, 7th Awards Gala


InterCIDEC Awards 2022, this was the 7th Awards Gala in Bilbao

The Awards Gala of the International Contract Environments Design Competition, InterCIDEC Awards 2022, organized by Beltá Frajumar took place on Thursday, November 10 at the emblematic Sala Bastida space in the Azkuna Zentroa Alhóndiga cultural center in Bilbao, where the names of the winning projects of this seventh edition were officially announced and the prizes and awards were presented to the participants. 

The event was attended by renowned figures in interior design and architecture, the hotel sector, as well as authorities, sponsors and collaborators of the competition.

Family photo InterCIDEC Awards 2022

Theme of the award:
Design of a Rooftop space for a hotel

This seventh edition of InterCIDEC has been a very special competition that has had a great international participation of high level professionals and conceptual proposals of Rofftop design for hotels that have generated great interest among the jury members. 

The Gala began with a presentation of the InterCIDEC Awards by Francisco Juan, CEO of Beltá Frajumar, who thanked all those present for attending the event and spoke about the trajectory of the competition and the firm’s strong commitment to continue promoting this Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in the discovery and promotion of talent in interior design and providing innovative project solutions for the hotel sector. 

He also thanked the participation of all the interior design professionals in this edition, members of the jury and the support of all the sponsoring companies and collaborating entities. 

Presentation by Michele Corbani of Ilmiodesign studio

The architect and one of the founders of the Ilmiodesign studio, Michele Corbani gave a spectacular presentation where he talked about the creative process and development of the last project carried out in the Royal Hideway Hotel in Canfranc station, as well as other major interior design projects such as the Hotel Cubanito in Ibiza, Hotel Barceló Renacimiento in Seville or the Hotel Romeo’s in Ibiza.

Honorable Mention to the Cuarto Interior studio

The architecture and interior design studio, Cuarto Interior, received the honorable mention in recognition of its work and impeccable trajectory within the sector.

Founded in 2003 by Jose Manuel Fernández and Germán Álvarez, this team is made up of creatives who develop luxury residential projects, hotels and restaurants. Their selected works include the Hotel VP Plaza de España Design, Hotel Vincci Capitol, Círculo de Bellas Artes Terrace, Rocacho Restaurant, etc.

The delivery of the honorable mention was by Francisco Juan (CEO of Beltá Frajumar) and Jorge Juan (Business Director of Beltá Frajumar).

Award-winning projects

First Prize "Asante Sana" designed by Carlos Sánchez Manzano

The first prize in the 7th edition of the InterCIDEC Awards went to the Asante Sana project designed by Carlos Sánchez Manzano. The proposal is based on the 4 essential elements: fire, water, air and earth, combining tradition and nature with new technologies, making it a space to meet, rest or disconnect from everyday life. A rooftop space that respects the environment.

The award was presented by Andoni Díaz, President of the General Council of Official Associations of Interior Decorators and Designers CGCODDI.

Rooftop Project "Asante Sana" First Prize InterCIDEC Awards 2022

First Accesit "Oasis" designed by Senda Interiorismo

The first accesit was awarded to the project “Oasis” created by Senda Interiorismo studio formed by Elena Fernández and Miriam Palacios. Among the chaos and frenetic life in the city, a small corner appears in the middle of its “Skyline” where you can disconnect and rest from the routine enjoying its outdoor environment and even take a bath.

The Dean of the Basque-Navarre Architects Association, Patxi Chocarro, was in charge of presenting the award and dedicating a few words.

Rooftop Project "Oasis" First Accesit InterCIDEC Awards 2022
Patxi Chocarro, Dean of the Basque-Navarre Architects Association at InterCIDEC Gala

Second Accesit "Kapok" designed by Oscom y Acevedo Arquitectos

The second accesit went to the “Kapok” project by the Mexican firms Oscom and Acevedo Arquitectos, formed by Óscar Couoh and Alfredo Acevedo. The name of the project refers to a tree native to the Mesoamerican region, which for the Mayan culture represented the “tree of life”. From this concept arose the concept of the essence of Nature in this space located on the rooftop of a large city.

On this occasion, the authors of the project could not attend the Gala in person, but they dedicated some beautiful words of thanks through a video.

Project "Kapok" second accesit InterCIDEC Awards 2022

Next edition of InterCIDEC Awards 2023

Finally, before the end of the awards ceremony, the theme and call for the eighth edition of the InterCIDEC Awards 2023 and the dates on which it will take place were presented for the first time. The theme chosen for next year is the design and conceptualization of a luxury Co-Living for a hotel. The deadline for submission of projects will be October 10, the jury meeting on October 26 and the awards ceremony on November 16 to be held in Mallorca.

For more information, please contact

Presentation of themes and dates for the 8th edition of the InterCIDEC Awards 2023


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