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3 products developed to satisfy all kind of necessities

Muebles Beltá & Frajumar

Nowadays, we all know the design, development and manufacture of the furniture for home must be studied, knowing the current users’ necessities. But there are differences in tastes and styles. What is the need of each user? That is why design a single product which covers and satisfy everybody is more than complicated. After all, a sofa is something very personal.

Designers have the responsibility to create objects that are part of other people's daily lives
– Javier Herrero, Product designer.

Following this idea, Beltá & Frajumar has launched three sofas to satisfy different tastes and needs. Every one of them is unique, but always carrying the same DNA in common: the know-how and the more than 50 years of sofas manufacture experience.

Client satisfaction as work methodology.

The specialization on furniture manufacture and upholstery has taken our products to very different countries around the world. In all these countries we always are offering quality, durability, design and the service that the more discerning costumers demand.
That is why a Beltá & Frajumar product has the assurance to have been designed, developed and manufactured caring the details, thinking on client satisfaction, being for an exclusive hotel or the living room of your house.
Following this methodology, we have expanded the sofas catalogue with designs to satisfy the users’ current demands.

Design, quality and service for your home.


Tega sofa, a relax sofa with an electric mechanism for the most demanding users.

Reclining modules through a mechanism driven by electric motors of wall extension 0, which allows folding the seats without separate it from the wall. The motor is activated by a hidden button, placed on the side of each seat. The folding headrest provides the optimal comfort of a high-back sofa, thanks to the full support of our back.
These characteristics make from Tega a perfect sofa for the most demanding users, for those who want a sofa that provides everything and to be proud of for having it at home.


Inua sofa, designed to adapt to the needs of our time.

A Beltá brand sofa manufactured having in mind all the product details and the manufacture of upholstered furniture. A sofa for those contemporary style lovers, since that is the aspect that shows us, thinking about to fit all in kind of ambiences.
The liftable backrest adds the optimal comfort of a high backrest, thanks to the full rest of our back. Its wide seat and its dimensions have been developed thinking on the comfort without putting the aesthetic aside.

Salf sofa, a furniture piece whose objective is to seek comfort.

Salf has a very simple purpose: comfortability at home. The folding headrest, sliding seat and its wide range of measures give as a result a versatile product, adaptable to any environment. The folding headrest provides the optimal comfort of a high-back sofa, thanks to the full rest of our back. The curvature of the inner side of the arm provides a comfortable rest position in case the user prefers to stay lying down. All of that without putting our characteristic quality aside.


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