The author’s Restaurant. 1st Runner-up INTERCIDEC

The Author’s Restaurant with a Mediterranean flavour. First runner-up in the Professional Category of the InterCIDEC’16 competition.

The Author’s Restaurant with a Mediterranean flavour. First runner-up in the Professional Category of the InterCIDEC’16 competition.

The author’s Restaurant.

A model of restaurant that starts from the basis of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, but brought forward in a contemporary concept under the creative and current style of “author cuisine”, in which are established some of the great chefs of our time.

It is a restaurant model that invites us to enjoy a meal accompanied by the Mediterranean landscape and an architectural space converted in art, as is the creative kitchen mentioned previously.


The Author Restaurant aims to create a very specific atmosphere that leads the customer to undergo a unique experience. A space in which nature and architecture live in perfect harmony. A great visual order, projected in a rational and clean way, using pure and round volumes that are lightened by plinths seemingly suspended in the air, creating an effect of weightlessness. A broken geometry only by the presence of natural arboreal elements both inside and outside of the space, which take centre stage in the setting. Being able to eat or dine under a tree and within a partially enclosed space.


Evolvent elements.

Elements such as sheets of water produce reflections, sounds and movement. The effects of scenic lighting move us into a unique and warm environment. The living texture of natural materials, such as the microporous Statuario marble, with veining in which there is a single dramatic and baroque line; Beechwood that brings warmth, sound absorption and leather that embraces you, and the microbial carpet floor, silent when walking and pleasant underfoot, form an atmosphere that invites us to disengage ourselves from everything and to just enjoy the space.


The central kitchen, in a sculpted style, offers us a 360 ° view and becomes the main source of light throughout the space. Space, incidentally, healing and comforting, carrying you away to enjoy the cuisine of Author, thus gaining a unique experience for those who experience it.

A delicate and studied project by Gonzalo Terol Vizcaíno that can become a reality!


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