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Reverdecer, second runner-up in the contest INTERCIDEC

Reverdecer, a hotel with beautiful views, set in natural surroundings, that will allow the traveller to enjoy total tranquillity. Second runner-up in the Professional Category of the contest InterCIDEC’16.


“Reverdecer” is an interesting hotel project by Cristina Olivares and Katerine Salazar from Chile, who invite us to immerse ourselves in a green forest at the gateway to Patagonia. A project designed for the volcanic Chaitén area, a little-known part of Chile.

The proposal presents a hotel model to be installed in a terrain, significantly uneven and thick with flora, to integrate and perfectly blend with its surroundings. The project consists of a central building above, where there would be the entrance, exhibition hall, entertainment and event areas, dining rooms, cafeteria …, and is also composed of an unusual complex formed of a series of self-contained rooms scattered among the natural landscape. Rooms with beautiful views where the user can enjoy absolute tranquillity.


The rooms, family, double or single, would be constructed in wood offering a warm and friendly environment. This structure would of necessity, be suspended to adapt to the unevenness of the hillside, and thus avoiding being invasive or destructive toward the flora and fauna of the location.

The wood tones, as well as the selected neutral tones and the greenish colours of the fabrics, will bring warmth to space, give elegance to the whole and freshness and life to its interior. The contemporary furniture, the individual armchairs, and other furnishings will bring design, elegance and comfort.


The tourist would be able to explore the surroundings and enjoy this project, in a space immersed in nature, which would allow one to rest and disconnect from the stress and noise of the big city. A sojourn producing an unforgettable experience! Hopefully, it will soon become a reality!


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