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Membrana, a lobby/bar to connect with the user

Living up to its name, Membrana, the design of this project focuses on skin or membrane to cover the space. The flexibility of this membrane goes to every area of the project. It has a resistant concept able to connect with the user.

An adaptable design with a singular aesthetic.

Easily adaptable to any typology of the place with its own and very personal identity.

It has a multifunctional main bar, in which we can, apart of enjoying some drinks, is also useful for all kind of information through the interactive screens in which we can go surf the web, search maps or interesting places or even know the lasts news.

A lobby/bar that catches us by its interior design.

The wrinkles and folds highlight creating a singular aesthetic that acquires an elastic and dynamic appearance thanks to the machining treatment of covers, pavements and roofs.
This main element crosses the lobby/bar leaning on the walls with a feeling of giving in to its structure creating a significant emotional sensitivity.

This experience can be noted in all the places, from the waiting area, which has a backlit panel as a consequence of the tearing of a floating table in the area, the bar area, to the toilets, filled by a futurist design that defies the volumetric limits.

This project has been designed by Héctor Romero, from Volteo Interiorismo Studio.

You can participate in the next interCIDEC edition as professional or student by our website

Find out the winners #Sistmaleta and Senses Contained on both categories, professional and student respectively. Don’t forget to share so more people can know about this awesome project Membrana.


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