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Designer: Dario Gagliardini


Dario Gagliardini was born in Milan and doctored in architecture by the polytechnic university of Milan.

Designer professional career

He is a collegiate architect, a position that allows him to gather significant experiences in the works of the hotel company CIGA and of Caterpillar Italy.
He currently designs products and works as Art Director of Beltá & Frajumar.

His experience as a teacher in the Master in Design Management at the Polytechnic in Milano, lets him continue teaching in La Facoltà di Architettura, Coso di Laurea in Disegno Industriale del Politécnico di Milano. These positions do not impede him from continuing to design product successfully.

He has been a member of the jury on the 2016 InterCIDEC edition.

His career as a sector journalist.

At the same time, as a journalist he collaborates, as a graphic designer and art director, with prestigious design and architecture magazines like Ottagono and all publications by Design Diffusion Edizioni (ddn, Ofx, Design Management, Casa D, etc).

As well as being the Cultural Director from the Architecture Magazine Riabita, published by Rima Editrice, he is also the editor and director of the magazines: Style and Places published by Fiera Milano Editore.

Product design caring to detail

sofá erik 4 plazas

Erik Sofa (2016)

The positions before mentioned do not impede him from continuing to design product successfully. Products as the Erik family, where we find a sofa, armchair and chair. The Erik sofa is the result of innovation and classicism, characterized by the ability to create a warm environment around the sofa, thanks to its geometry. In one hand, we can highlight its distinguished and modern design thanks to its arm and backrest. In the other hand, the cushions offer the tradition and the classic style. Dario Gagliardini is offering us a unique piece, perfectly balanced between comfort and creativity.

AGOL mesa


Agol table (2011)

We put aside the sitting furniture, to mention the Agol table. Visually, the design is a pleasure since the impression we receive from Agol is its sculptural shape combined with the contrast between the solid structural elements and the apparent lightness of the design. But Agol is not only visual; what really makes the Agol table a unique element is, combined with the facts mentioned before, the precision and the care in the treatment of raw materials. Without any doubt, A source of artistic expression that the designer shows us through the geometry.

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