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Beltá Frajumar presents the new “Work BooK Company Profile”.


Beltá Frajumar presents its Mission, Vision and future of the company in the new “Work Book”

The history of Beltá Frajumar is a story based on people and a passion for design and craftsmanship, with a strong commitment to the manufacture of timeless and sustainable furniture in harmony with the environment, the surroundings and the people who live in them.

Since its inception in 1967 and throughout the various subsequent stages, Professionalism, Experience and Differentiation, have become the hallmarks of the brand with a commitment to design and opening the way to an international evolution in more than 27 countries and collaborations with designers and interior designers in top-level hotel projects.

Belta Frajumar workbook open
Belta Frajumar Work Book Company Profile.

The work and the direct communication with hotels, architects, interior designers, decorators and public entities allows us to create a two-way dialogue with customers to meet their needs and offer customized solutions tailored to each project achieving maximum satisfaction and results.


Beltá Frajumar, furniture manufacturers since 1967.

The quality craftsmanship, precision and attention to detail, make the difference resulting in a superior furniture of high strength and durability in a manufacturing process that is ISO 9001 certified.

The materials used, such as oak, beech, walnut or ash wood, come from renewable forests with different natural drying and finishing treatments. The packaging is 100% recycled and reusable, contributing to sustainability and care for the environment.

belta frajumar fabricación mobiliario
Quality manufacturing, craftsmanship and precision.

Beltá Frajumar also participates in different social projects and in the development of the InterCIDEC platform to discover and promote the talent of new interior designers by connecting their project proposals with private companies and hotel chains.



International Design Award for Contract Environments InterCIDEC Awards.

You can download the digital version of the “Work Book Company Profile” through the Professionals Area or by clicking here.


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