Jury Day of the International Contract Design Contest, InterCIDEC 2019

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Jury Day of the International Contract Design Contest, InterCIDEC 2019


Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, president of the jury of the International Hospitality Design Competition – InterCIDEC 2019: “There is a huge tendency towards interior design.”


Interior design is fashionable and hotels have pointed to this trend. This was stated by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, president of the jury of the International Hospitality Design Competition – InterCIDEC 2019, meeting this Thursday, October 17, at the Beltá & Frajumar facilities.

“There is a huge tendency to interior design. Before you thought about the house a lot; now, I think, you think more about hotels and it is an example of how this world of furniture is changing, one of the passions of my life”, she said.

jury evaluating a project

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

The jury of the InterCIDEC interior design competition was composed by twelve prestigious professionals,

among them the Italian based in Madrid, Andrea Spada, co-founder of IlmioDesign; Galician Loli Moroño of PF1 Interiorismo, specialised in the Hospitality sector; the Valencians Pepe Cosín, of Cosín Estudio, and David Puerta, founder of Viruta Lab, who was the winner of InterCIDEC 2018; Balearic interior designer Damián Pujol; or the architects and interior designers of Zaragoza, Carlos Beamonte and Ricardo Vallejo. It also had the color expert, Eva Muñoz, based in Switzerland, who has worked for Seat or Lamborghini and represented Spradling, the main manufacturer of fabrics, and sponsor of the contest.

jury evaluating a project

Damián Pujol

And hotel representatives, which is not surprising

On the part of the hoteliers, it went on behalf of Soho Boutique Hotels, Cary Rodríguez, while Cesáreo Martín did the same as a journalist for international agencies and communications consultant. In the academic field, in addition to Pepe Cosín, who is Dean of the Colegio de Diseñadores de Interior de la Comunidad Valenciana (College of Interior Designers of the Valencian Community), was secretary of the jury, its manager Amparo Balbastre. Finally, Robert Ortega, Marketing Director of Beltá & Frajumar, represented us.

jury evaluating a project

Cary Rodriguez, from Soho Boutique Hotels

Increased participation

The jury had to assess the quality of the 61 proposals submitted, coming from twelve countries. The theme of this edition was the design of the interior of a restaurant with less than 100 square meters. Its assessment punctuated the conceptual proposal; innovation in form, the composition of materials, the aesthetic value from a point of view of harmony and distribution; or accessibility for people with disabilities, among others.

jury evaluating a project

Carlos Beamonte and Ricardo Vallejo, architects of Beamonte & Vallejo

The director of Beltá & Frajumar, Carlos Juan Ortiz, highlighted

“the consolidation of this competition for the quality of the projects, the number of proposals received, which has increased by about 40% over the previous edition, and greater internationalization upon receiving proposals from a dozen countries.”

jury evaluating a project

Loli Moroño, of PF1 Interiorismo

The competition aims to show the talent in interior design and allows the creator, manufacturer and hotel owner to get in contact to establish synergies and collaborations.

jury evaluating a project

Pepe Cosín and Amparo Balbastre, of the College of Interior Designers of the Valencian Community

Most of the interior design projects presented in this fourth edition correspond to the professional category (endowed with a single prize of 5,000 euros) and to a lesser extent the category of students (endowed with 1,000 euros).

jury evaluating a project

Eva Muñoz, of Spradling Europe

The participation of the students attracted the attention of the renowned interior designer Andrea Spada, of ILMIODESIGN, who would have liked

“a greater participation in quantity and quality” with “innovation or freshness, by not being contaminated, and free souls” since “the professional often looks for trends and has this environmental pollution by his contact with the client,” he said. “I will appreciate what highlights,” he admitted.

jury evaluating a project

Andrea Spada, of IlmioDesign

Spain leads the number of proposals submitted, followed by Mexico, Argentina, and European countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy or the Netherlands. Some of them presented projects for the first time.

jury evaluating a project

David Puerta, of Viruta Lab

InterCIDEC 2019 winners will be announced on November 7, during the awards ceremony that, on this occasion, will be held in Madrid in the Como event room, next to Comunica + A.



If you want to go to the awards ceremony, contact us to send you the invitation.


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