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The exclusive and distinguishing hotels interior design

Hotel Bex, proyecto contract de interiorismo.

One of the characteristics in common of everything that draws our attention is the differentiation. The things we are not used to seeing, touch, hear or feel. In the end, these things are the ones that we remember.

The importance to reach the senses.

In a hotel, one of the things that we perceive with the senses is the interior design, that is the reason for its importance. From its composition and the space distribution until, of course, the furniture used. Colours and shapes that we see, armchairs and seats that we feel, the aroma of the whole that we smell.

Today I want to highlight some hotel projects with a distinctive interior design. Projects that we remember just because they are different from others.

Hotel Bex, proyecto contract de interiorismo.

Design Plus Bex Hotel. Interior designs as attractive as distinguished

The Bex Hotel, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is located in the emblematic building of the previous Banco Exterior of Spain. The theme of the interior is going to remind it us all the time, thanks to a carefully and unique interior design. A project of the architect José Acosta Matos, the interior design made by Sergio Macias Studio, and the Unsaga Studio as panelling specialist.

In the Hall and reception, we can find characteristic details such as the big door of the security chamber or the columns simulating coins one above the other. This is not a space to miss since it’s almost a museum and invites to check every detail carefully.

Hotel Bex, proyecto contract de interiorismo.

Custom-made projects for demanding clients.

Where we will find the highlight is in the rooms. The clean decoration and details and the furniture made for the occasion. We can see the closet-desk following the bank theme, simulating a vault, playing with this bank theme.

There are no doubts that this is a hotel that awakes the interest to those who have never been there, and a hotel to remember to those who leave.Destino Pachá Resort, Club House, Ibiza

Destino Pacha Resort. A furniture style according to the house brand.

Destino Pacha is a hotel of the Ibizan brand that does not need presentation. The mythical discotheque of the island covered other areas in the entertainment field, opening its luxury restaurants and hotels. One of them is Destino Pacha, a hotel with four stars which bets for the luxury and design, and where the Pacha brand highlights everywhere. concerning the furniture, we find the quality that a place with such a reputation deserves, with an Ibizan style in its whole.

fabricación de mobiliario para pacha resortfabricación de mobiliario para pacha resort

You can find all the images of both projects clicking here.

A peculiarity of this type of projects, as we have already mentioned, is the quality of the products used in the project. If you want to know more about the manufacturer’s work in this type of projects, click on the button below and remember that you can share, so more people will know these unique interior designs and tell us what you would like us to talk about this 2019.


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