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Senses Contained. An interior design to enjoy with the five senses.

Proyecto ganador categoría estudiante InterCIDEC

Senses contained born to stimulate the five senses through a single element to develop several uses. The current necessity of the immediacy demands new obligations, different ways to travel and technological resources to organise our trips.

Hotel interior design seeking experiences

The trend on social media joined to the technology creates the wish to share creative and original spaces swiftly, places that we like and please us to share with the rest of our friends, family or followers. That is why the requirements to choose a hotel is widening. The comfort, location and food are not the only things that people are looking for when they book a hotel, but the innovative and aesthetic environment.

Caring the elements of design to detail.

The requirements of the users called “influencers” look for a better sensorial and emotional experience at their destination. The core element is a container, being multifunctional and modular. It is formed by a sculptural bar that unifies the reception and the bar of the container, made with a perforated sheet in order to separate both zones. This element has a LED mesh that covers it and is on during the day, serving for cultural interest projections, and being the core during the night that illuminates from its interior. This constant changes through the projections and light generate a changing atmosphere that expands our senses.

Proyecto ganador categoría estudiante InterCIDEC

Composition and distribution of the interior design.

The organization of the space is determined by a central container and surrounding it, there are the rest of the elements such as the access zone, the reception, the lobby, the chill-out bar and the restroom. Senses Contained propose natural materials such as wood and marble, giving originality to the interior design and using neutral colours that highlight the core element over a metallic box made of perforated steel.

Proyecto ganador categoría estudiante InterCIDEC

The project Senses Contained has been the winner of InterCIDEC 2018 on the student category. Made by Lorena Romero and Arlet Toral.
If you want to be the next InterCIDEC winner, you can participate in the next edition InterCIDEC 2019 as a professional or student. you will find all the information visiting

Don’t forget to share, so more people can know this project and let us know about what you’d like to know from us or what you would like us to tell along 2019.


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