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Project of a manufacturer of furniture for hotels.

Keys to developing a successful hospitality project.

Values of the company.

The beginning of our projects is, as a furniture manufacturer for hotels, commensurate with principles of product and services quality. From the beginning until the last detail.

Starting with this base, rooted in the whole team, we take care not only of the high-quality manufacturing but also giving a solution and facilities as far as possible.

Listening to the client and solving the necessity the project requires. Without sparing no expense on resources and communication between the client and the manufacturer. These are the bases to develop our projects with success.

From the moment the client contact the company by phone, through the website or by e-mail, every department will do its best until the completion of the project and the after-sales service.




Custom-made projects

We present plans for every product, which allows us to take care of the design and manufacturing in detail. That is why we have the capacity to know every weakness or threat, solving them from the beginning.

We could say that the Showroom is one of our strengthsWe work in the pilot room to recreate the distribution and the plan just as the client requires. o we can remake, change or add any element easily. As a result, we can to save time by giving a good service.

As a furniture manufacturer and the experience we have, we provide a professional service.

We advise on every project, making a detailed studio of the pieces and the internal resources. Working beside the client and always thinking in the final costumer.


Client satisfaction as objective.

The main objective is to ensure client satisfaction. An objective that goes hand in hand with every product quality guaranty.

We develop a project communicating at all time with the client and depending on the necessities. This way we can assure the success of a well-done work.

A work that its best definition could be “professional”. The company wants to keep growing, investing in the know-how of the staff, the experience, continuous training and direct supervision.

Connoisseurs of the sector, the experience of more than 50 years and a highly qualified team. These are the pillars for a professional and quality project, which meets the client’s needs.



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