InterCIDEC award ceremony 2018.

Entrega de premios InterCIDEC 2018

InterCIDEC hotel Interior Design Awards InteriHotel 2018

Wednesday, October 24 at 3:30 pm, the InterCIDEC award ceremony 2018 took place at InteriHotel, Barcelona.

After starting with the presentation by Marisa Santamaría, the event began with a video of the International Competition InterCIDEC

Francisco Juan Ortiz (CEO Beltá & Frajumar) thanked to sponsors, collaborators and of course participants for making this third edition a reality.

Entrega de premios InterCIDEC 2018

Palladium Hotel Group

Afterwards, the honorary award was given, to the Palladium Hotel Group, from Matutes’s companies group. Carlos Bermúdez, Director of Procurement of Work and Hotel Equipment, received the prize. He offered a talk about Palladium Hotel Group, making known its different hotel brands, requirements of a company like this, experiences and future projects. Highlighting the evolution of the chain in the last decade which places the user experience as the central axis.

Entrega de premios InterCIDEC 2018


Prizes at InterCIDEC award ceremony.

After the Carlos Bermúdez master class, the winners of the contest were known:

  • First prize in the professional category, for his project, which is a polyvalent solution to any place and shape, in which a system applicable to various lobbies is generated regardless of the user who habits them, was for David Puerta with his project #Sistmaleta. Carlos Bermúdez presented the prize.

Entrega de premios InterCIDEC 2018

  • First prize in the student category, for creating a functional space evoking the 5 senses from a single element that contains different uses was for Arlet Toral and Lorena Romero, for the Senses Contained project. Raquel García, head of purchases of the hotel chain HG, presented the prize.

Entrega de premios InterCIDEC 2018

  • The First secondary prize was for Volteo Interiorismo with his project Membrana. Creating a differentiating concept for its aesthetic, based in a skin or membrane to cover the space. Ramón Gabarró, CENFIM president, presented the prize.
  • The Second secondary prize was for Pulpas Studio, for his project Nídora, generating a sublime project through the art. This project is focused on an exigent market looking for exclusive experiences. Teresa Casas, the CODIC doyenne, presented the prize.
  • The third secondary prize was for Dröm living for his project Rum Urban Hotel. This project is an urban, industrial and consistent design, which highlights the delicate details. Pablo Soler, Maza Group manager, presented the prize.
  • Special mention of the Jury, for creating a work in which nature is challenged and designed to work in an adverse and extreme location as the desert is for Lucía Llido for the Oasis project. Juan Matías, Rama Group manager, presented the prize.

Entrega de premios InterCIDEC 2018

The conclusion of the ceremony

Finally, all the attendees were thanked for visiting this InterCIDEC award ceremony. And all the professional designers were invited to participate in the new edition of InterCIDEC 2019. Which is already available at and consist about to developing the interior design of a restaurant.


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