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Collaboration between Beltá Frajumar and FAM Cultura

Colaboración entre Beltá Frajumar y FAM Cultura

At Beltá Frajumar, we are committed not only to the excellence and quality of our furniture, but also to a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We are proud to highlight our collaboration with FAM Cultura, a groundbreaking cultural patronage platform that has changed the way companies interact with the world of art and culture.


The Collaboration between Beltá Frajumar and FAM Cultura


Our collaboration with FAM Cultura, initiated in 2023, is based on supporting cultural initiatives that not only enrich society but also reflect the values of our brand. FAM Cultura, launched by Carrillo asesores in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sport, offers an innovative model of patronage that allows companies like ours to support cultural projects while obtaining multiple significant benefits.

The first FAM Cultura awards gala, attended by over 250 personalities from the creative and business worlds, stood out for its elegance and commitment to culture. Not only did it celebrate the cultural achievements of the year, but it also emphasized the importance of collaboration between culture and business.


Benefits of Collaboration


Visibility and Sponsorships: Our participation in high-profile events and our partnership with figures in the cultural sector help increase our brand visibility. This has reinforced our reputation not only as leaders in furniture design, but also as active sponsors of culture.

Corporate Responsibility: The partnership with FAM Cultura has allowed us to cultivate a new dimension in our CSR strategy, linking our brand to the promotion of culture and support for the arts, reflecting our corporate values of innovation and commitment.


Project and Future


At Beltá Frajumar, we continue to seek new ways to integrate social responsibility into our business models. Our collaboration with FAM Cultural is just one example of how companies can play an active role in supporting culture, benefiting not only society but also strengthening the connection with their clients and the community at large.




At Beltá Frajumar, we are proud of our collaboration with FAM Cultura and look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship in the years to come. By investing in culture, we are not only contributing to the vitality of our environment, but also reaffirming our commitment to the principles of social responsibility that define our company. Discover more about our involvement in cultural initiatives and how we are making a difference in our community on our website and social media platforms.


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