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BIM: a Collaborative Work methodology


Adapting to the new era, adapting to BIM

Of course, in Beltá & Frajumar we are concerned about the prescriber’s work and we are aware of the growing boom in the development of the collaborative work methodology BIM.

BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modeling, referred to as a collaborative work methodology for the creation and management of a construction project.

Adapting to the new era, we have the archives in this format for many of our articles and are in a constant process of updating and adaptation. Each one of them is being modeled by the Project and Marketing Departments so that our collaborators can dispose of them at will.

Bim Infográfica

Also, we do not forget the traditional forms of work. That is why we take our 2D and 3D libraries very seriously, always thinking of facilitating and speeding up the work for our collaborators.

You can be the best in the world doing your job, but if you don’t make it visible, nobody will find out. 🤝🏻

Today any company linked to the construction sector must have the entire library of its articles updated and open to the public who wish to access it for the inclusion of an object in their project, either for 2D technical purposes or by 3D aesthetic requirements.

As a result, within each of our articles, you can directly obtain the 2D file in .dxf and .pdf format and in .obj format for 3D, in addition to the aforementioned BIM. Likewise, you can always contact us through this link to request any other format you need.


The team is everything in a company. Family is what makes the difference.

Finally, we take care of the elaboration of our three-dimensional models in detail, being faithful to 100% of the real models to give the maximum fact to the infographics that can be made of them.

✔ Collaboration and decoration tools
✔ Maximum security and detail
✔ More familiarity with professionals of  the contract environment

We are close to our customers when they need us! Thanks for your curiosity. Keep creating.  Let’s keep improving.

We invite you to the following link where you will find our BIM library.


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