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Documents to submit to InterCIDEC ’20


The documentation for the project presentation consists of:
1. The registration form. You can download and fill it here.
2. A copy of the DNI or Passport and CIF in the case of a company participating.
3. Professional accreditation.

3.1 Professional certification.
3.2 Resumée.

4. The sworn statement by the participant: The participants will sign the statement available here. 
5. Project statement, with a maximum length of 20 bound pages. The minimum contents of the statement will be the following:

5.1. Conceptual and explanatory resume: It must contain a description of the project idea, the aspects that give it sustainability, its differentiated value, the type of environment, target audience … It is important to highlight the innovative components, either at a conceptual, formal, functional, material and/or emotional level.
5.2. Graphical representation: Sketches and dimensioned plans of the project (individual parts and ensemble), indicating the technical details of the project. 3D rendering.
5.3. Other noteworthy aspects: Materials, production processes, integrated technologies, installation, environmental values or other constraints such as transport or assembly must be specified if these are an important variable in the project. That is to say, they can increase the value of the proposal or carry data that could help improve its evaluation.

6. DISPLAY PANEL: Vertical A2 size (420 x 594 mm.) rigid stand In which is indicated:

· Title of the project.
· Summary of the conceptual/explanatory aspects. The idea behind and value of the proposal.
· Images or 3D representations of the setting (3D Rendering).

7. In the physical presentation, only the vertical panel A2 and the descriptive memory will be presented. Everything else will be send in digital format and should be sent to

* Remember that the elements that make up the presentation of the project must be anonymous, only the NAME OF THE PROJECT must appear.


The projects must be presented in both physical format and digital format, indicating:
Beltá & Frajumar 5th International Hospitality Design Competition and “Project Name”
Send the printed project to:
Beltá & Frajumar, Calle Poeta Francisco Antonio Jiménez, 33
Urbayecla Industrial Estate II,
30510 Yecla (Murcia) Spain.
In addition to the documents that are presented physically, the same should be provided in a compressed file (zip, rar or similar) with a maximum size of 15 MB which must be uploaded to the contest website,
The deadline for project delivery is Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 6.00pm.