Vicente Gallega

Vicente Gallega, founder of Estudio Gallega more than 20 years ago. Studio dedicated to design and consultancy. 

Vicente Gallega knows about compromises 

He develops strong ideas, creative, functional and competitive solutions based on formal simplicity. The aim is to achieve long-lasting, quality design with the primary objective of bringing value and business to brands and the community. The Gallega studio “is always committed to a job well done”.

There is a constant demand to work with society in mind. Therefore, both industrial and graphic designers have to have society and its real needs in their sights in order to be applicable. Vicente Gallega, as a product designer, has this tattooed in his DNA. They always have the end consumer in mind when creating. 

Very direct collaboration is something he incorporates into his own business structure. “It is an opportunity to exchange ideas and new alliances can emerge.

Ties that add up

True to his word, he is a member and secretary of the ADCV (Designers’ Association of the Valencian Community), a member of BEDA (European Design Association), second vice-president of READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations), vice-president of IDF (Design and Manufacturing Research Association) and a member of the Design Jury.

As if this were not enough, Vicente is also a great supporter of the International Design Competition for Contract Environments, InterCIDEC, for which he has already served on the jury. “This competition represents a special opportunity for the improvement of society and the meeting of design professionals and students. Something very optimal and recommendable given the trend of global connection that we can all enjoy today”.

Vicente Gallega is more than a designer, more than an ambassador. Vicente brings together pact and freedom to unleash creativity that benefits everyone.

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Products Designer by Vicente Gallega

tamo butaca respaldo alto
tamo butaca respaldo alto
tamo butaca respaldo bajo
Sillas de madera Nies marca Belta Frajumar
NÍES silla giratoria
SPIN escritorio ambiente
Sillas de madera Nies marca Belta Frajumar
Nies giratoria y brazos
Mesita de marmol Olia en dormitorio
ÓLIA mesa mármol
MARS perchero
DOMO mesa auxiliar redonda marmol blanco
DOMO mesa auxiliar redonda marmol blanco