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NÍES swivel chair

The Níes swivel chair combines the simplicity of its lines with elegant shapes that invite you to sit and rest on a seat and backrest that have been designed with attention to detail. For some, the moon is the farthest destination. For others, spinning on a chair is the greatest journey of their lives. Which one is yours?

Important: When choosing fabric, consult us.


Technical information

NIES Chaise

The NIES chair collection designed by the great artist Vicente Gallega, culminates with this 92 centimetre high swivel chair, meticulously highlighted. For its particular versatility, this chair has been upholstered in our Beltá & Frajumar facilities with the greatest of care.

The stages that alter the life cycle of a product depend very much on this meticulous care that is put at the service of proficient creation. Mime and antiquity. Measured and anticipatory. So that nothing is lacking. So that nothing is left over. This is how the chair can be turned on its side. Magnificent!

The versatility of the NIES swivel chair

In contrast to the other design models – the NIES lounge chair and the NIES restaurant chair – the NIES swivel chair is a movable chair. The seat and backrest are specially mounted on an aluminium swivel base made of die-cast aluminium, finished in black.

Movement and discipline. Work well done can work miracles. Take it away!


Movement and discipline. Work well done can work miracles. Take it away!


Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 57 × 52 × 92 cm





Sillas de madera Nies marca Belta Frajumar

Vicente Gallega