Coffe tables for the living room of your home

Coffee tables, side tables and centre tables, an essential accessory for your home living room. Tables of appealing design where the precision of the natural materials handling and the manufacturing process turn them into unique pieces. Tables that can be used in any kind of space thanks to their modularity and variety of finishes.


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Design tables manufacturer

These table collections emerge from the hand of expert cabinetmakers. Generous volumes, considerably thick and extreme plans exhibit with rotundity the wood´s warmth. These collections make available a versatile set of centre and side tables, capable of giving a solution to a wide variety of needs, not only in the home environment but also in the public environment.

Side tables: simple and functional, in wood, metal or glass. These tables are conceived as an answer to a search that every time brings us closer to elements that remind us of the very nature.


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Side tables for your living room

Center, auxiliary, coffee, an indispensable complement to the living room of your home. Side tables of wood, metal, marble or upholstery. In simple and elegant ways. An extensive program of measures and materials are offered that allow them to adapt to all types of environments. As a table manufacturer and connoisseurs of development processes, it allows us to obtain products to obtain products with a unique identity.

Manufacturer of coffee tables with exclusive designs for the home

Years of experience in furniture manufacturing result in the collection of tables of the Frajumar line, where the most important of each piece are the details, where every element has its importance in an unnoticed sensitivity that evokes simplicity and elegance in the collection. Each table is manifested through its materials such as marble, natural wood, metal and even upholstery, being a particular starting point that moves us to the artisan tradition by manufacturing tables since 1967, ensuring the family values ​​of Beltá & Frajumar with constantly evolving designs. Thus, we offer customized solutions thanks to the possibilities both in measurements and finishes, perfectly interpreting the user’s needs.