Relax sofas and armchairs, electric and manual

The answer for all of those who seek a special comfortability with the highest quality. Reclining furniture through an electrical motor driven mechanism or manually. Achieving a space reserved for resting and relaxation, where comfort becomes the leading role.


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Quality relax sofas and armchairs manufacturer

The answer to the good rest is in the Relax sofas. Beltá & Frajumar propose some models which maintain a special link between the sofa and the user. The perception of the hidden mechanism, with the comfortable opening system, put in contact sensibility and emotions. An encounter between the past and the present, having as a result reflexive and meditative spaces. Find the comfort and rest in fabrics such as linen, leather, leatherette or velvet, among others, transforming the place from the most imperceptible details to highlighted and designed ones for personal wellness.