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PENT table

Pent is a table designed to create a modular system formed by a pentagonal piece that can be repeated to create countless compositions.

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Technical information

PENT Table

Center table PENT


Petunias in the home

The petunia is a very common outdoor plant because of its easy cultivation and the large number of flowers it offers during spring and summer. Did you notice that its petals form five wavy edges?

As you can see, furniture design is more than just numbers and graphics. The interior design studio Dsignio takes inspiration from nature and executes it to the greatest common divisor without leaving any residue. How do they achieve this?

The answer is quite simple. On the one hand, chain-of-custody certification proves that all wood used in the value chain, from the felling of the logs to delivery to end customers, comes from sustainably managed forests.

And on the other hand, in sacred geometry, the pentagon, or five-pointed star, represents the interrelationship of mankind with the universe.

In this way, the PENT table is part of a modular style designed to create countless compositions.

Minimalist coffee table

In the PENT series, there are no reductions, only additions. That is why its use is so diverse. Its abbreviated design also simplifies maintenance operations. By taking advantage of its equal sides, this regular pentagon can be repeated so that an empty space becomes an orchard.

Structure in MDF fibre covered with natural ash veneer and mitred on all edges, this side table harmonises well with the armchair of the same name.



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