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Frequent questions

Yes, we adapt our products to the needs of the project and we offer customized solutions even with the manufacture of a particular product.

In our Professional Area you will find our catalogue and all the necessary tools such as technical data sheets, finishes, fabrics, quality certificates for Hospitality projects.

In our gallery of Contract projects, you will find a wide selection of projects carried out in Hotels, Restaurants, Apartments, Common Areas and Houses at International level.

Yes, in our Professional Area we have a complete library of 2D-3D CAD files updated for your use.

Our fabric suppliers are important companies in the sector that comply exhaustively with ISO 9001 Quality requirements. Crevin, Froca, Textaafoam, etc.

Yes, we have a series of explanatory videos where our technicians detail the assembly and maintenance process of some of our models.

We have an International Distribution Network with sales points all over the world. Contact: 

In our Professionals Area you have all the product data sheets where you can consult all the fabric consumptions.

Yes, through our network of Official Distributors in each area. To find out the nearest point of sale in your area, send us your request to or call +34 968 719 111

Delivery times are 45 working days from the date of order processing. For orders with specific custom fabrics, delivery times can be 30 to 45 days.

We have a limited collection of second-hand products with shorter lead times, available upon request at

In the case of a stain caused by liquids, oils or solids, you must act as quickly as possible before the stain is absorbed in excess or spreads throughout the upholstery.

Very important: If you know the brand of fabric consult directly with the store where you bought your sofa or the technical data sheet on the website of the fabric supplier.

If you do not find the information you can contact our customer service department indicating the model of sofa and store where you bought it through the email:

We recommend that you first consult the machine washing conditions with your dealer or store where you purchased the upholstered product. Natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose, linen and wool are sensitive to shrinkage and for this reason CANNOT be machine washed.

For washable fabrics carefully follow the instructions below:

1. Wash sofa covers inside out and with the zipper closed. 
2. When the sofa cover has Velcro instead of a zipper, place a protective cloth or a strip over the Velcro to prevent damage to the fabric.
3. Use neutral detergents and do not use fabric softener.
4. Wash at the recommended temperature for each fabric (if in doubt, wash at 30º C), using a delicate cycle washing program.
5. Use a minimum spin cycle (800 rpm).
6. Do not wash together with other fabrics and do not overload the washing machine.
1. With the cover still damp, stretch in both directions.
2. Dry on a flat surface at room temperature.
3. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
4. Always make sure the cover is completely dry before use.
dry before use.