TATEL Restaurant, Madrid, Spain

Included in the list of the 25 restaurants in the world worth travelling for published by USA Today, TATEL represents the fifth essential of the welcoming and playful spirit that characterises Spanish restaurants. The basis of TATEL’s cuisine is its carefully selected gastronomic offer with a markedly Spanish character with a contemporary and international twist.

One of the interior spaces of this spectacular restaurant has the presence of our KIRK chester sofa that brings a strong personality to the atmosphere, combining perfectly with the lighting and furniture.

The TRIA bench surrounds and defines the tables in the main dining room and the walls of the rooms, providing form and intimacy in keeping with the classic style of the project. This bench was manufactured and assembled for the occasion, taking care of the details to the highest level and taking on an important role in the decoration of the restaurant.

barra bar restaurante tatel madrid

The TATEL restaurant is a place with a unique character where you can enjoy a select experience from the most traditional to the most original adapted to the tastes of each client.


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