Les Mythes, Saint Tropez, France

Villa Les Mythes, Saint Tropez, France.

Located in Saint Tropez, France, this contemporary luxury villa is the preferred place to unwind and enjoy summer comfort with swimming pool.

Its privileged location and the excellent resolution of each of the spaces make this home a unique habitat of well-being.


In the dining room you will find pieces of our custom-made furniture such as the ERIK sofas, BLOM armchairs and AGOL coffee table.

Everything is designed to provide a bright and welcoming atmosphere of the highest quality and exclusivity.

In the bedrooms and dining room there are large windows that open the house completely to the outside.

The ERIK chairs and BLOM armchairs are the protagonists of both rooms with an exclusive and elegant design giving personality to every corner.


Products used

Sofá ERIK tapizado gris claro Belta Frajumar
Sofá ERIK Belta Frajumar
BLOM butaca ambiente diseño hogar
BLOM butaca
AGOL mesa para hogar
AGOL mesa de madera de roble