Sofa cushions and puff sofa for your home decoration

Collection of furniture and accessories that play with comfortability, colours, measures and constructive details in order to create a complete family of products designed for the most urban atmosphere without waiving warmth. Versatile accessories that offer a wide variety of possibilities depending on the client’s taste.

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A wide variety of decorative design pillows

Throw pillows and decorative accessories that can be incorporated into any of our models. There is a possibility of choosing between different measures and designs. Throw pillow with a central stitching and corner in the shape of a T, pillow with a strip, pillow with a headrest to improve the cervical support in case of a sofa with low backrest. All the decorative pillows have a cotton inner cover with microfiber down touch padding and an inner zip to change the fill. Pouffes program with a broad array of measures and finishes that allow us to decorate with every kind of compositions for the home combining them with the rest of our products.