Modern armchairs

Contemporary design chairs and armchairs for your home. A wide variety of solutions: swivel, wooden or metallic legs, wingchairs. Discover our armchair selection for your home.


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A wide variety of solutions and designs

Armchairs of pure lines that depict the search for a comfortable piece that provides a solution for every kind of space. Models of straight lines consistent with minimalist tastes, of reduced dimensions and with programs composed of chairs, armchairs, 2 and 3 seat benches. Swivel armchairs, with 4 legs, metallic base or wooden base and removable cover possibility, are only some of the solutions that are shown in this collection of armchairs.


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Armchairs with timeless aesthetics for the home

Contemporary style armchairs, with elegant shapes that allow us to place them in any type of environment, living room or bedroom.

Great comfort armchairs manufacturer

Comfortable armchairs that provide a cosy space to the general domestic environment. Armchairs with a high component of crafts attached to the forms that wrap themselves creating objects whose beauty does not belong to any style or time. Classical furniture solved in a modern way.

As manufacturer brand since 1967, the main requirements on any of our products are the ergonomy, together with a clean elegant appearance, simple and with solid construction.