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We are contract furniture manufacturers since 1967. Experts in hospitality furniture and decoration projects.

Contract Hospitality Furniture

Manufacturers of armchairs for hotels designed especially for the Contract sector. Composed of a wide variety of models, upholstery and sizes that allow us to adapt to the most demanding spaces according to the functional and aesthetic needs of the user. Armchairs for the hotel sector that perfectly combine comfort, sobriety and purity of lines and combine materials such as steel or wood to facilitate their integration in a variety of environments in both hotels and tourist flats.

Precio con IVA - 785.29790.13

ECKO butaca de hogar en terciopelo dorado en ambiente clásico
ECKO butaca para hoteles y hogartapizada gris oscuro

Precio con IVA - 567.49

ERTO butaca Belta Frajumar ambiente
ERTO butaca Belta Frajumar

Precio con IVA - 742.94

butaca LASE elegante
LASE butaca 6661

Precio con IVA - 801.02

Hospitality chairs is one of the pieces of furniture that stands out for its great variety of designs that we can find in its category (models, colours, finishes…) This piece of furniture inspires great designers when it comes to create them. From Beltá Frajumar, manufacturers of design furniture for the hotel and catering sector, you can find a wide selection of chairs for both classic and avant-garde spaces.


You must not forget that in the hotel and catering sector, chairs are one of the most important elements. Providing comfort to the customer who visits your restaurant will make them want to come back again.

BAZK silla ambiente
BAZK silla

Precio con IVA - 752.62


Precio con IVA - 848.21

conjunto MARC butaca en fondo moderno gris
MARC butaca base de metal y tela gris luca 6661

Precio con IVA - 706.64

MUSE butacas de diseño para terraza exterior
muse butaca tela luca 6660 acabado patas madera nogal

Precio con IVA - 464.64

Silla THIN ambientada en salón

Precio con IVA - 652.19

Are you looking for hotel side tables to match your interior design project? At Beltá Frajumar, manufacturers of design furniture for hotels and restaurants, you will find a wide variety of side tables for hotels and tourist flats selected for the hotel sector. Because the image speaks for itself of your business. And having the right design furniture for it is an essential factor in the daily life in which we live.

mesa FRES en habitación vistas ciudad
mesa FRES auxiliar de madera

Precio con IVA - 423.50

ICON mesa auxiliar
ICON mesa auxiliar madera de roble y cristal

Precio con IVA - 696.96


Precio con IVA - 929.28

Beltá Frajumar’s sofas for hotels will become the differentiating point of the design of your room. If you are looking for a sofa for hotel rooms where quality and comfort are a priority, in this section you will find a wide variety of sofas for hotels, which will make the room the place where everyone wants to come back.

Sofá SLIM diseño de interiores hogar
sofa-tela luca-6660-acabado roble

Precio con IVA - 0.00

Sofá tapizado tela luca ideal para espacios comunes
COOL Sofá para hotel

Precio con IVA - 1,817.42

Sofá LOFT ambiente
Sofa Loft tapizado tela Nola

Precio con IVA - 1,817.42

sofa must salon
sofá MUST

Precio con IVA - 1,955.36

Beauty, functionality and versatility characterise the Beltá Frajumar sofa bed.

In just a few simple steps and with the most advanced techniques you will turn your sofa bed into a place to rest. A comfortable sofa bed that will allow you to achieve a pleasant sleep thanks to its mattress. See the complete collection of designer sofa beds.

Sofá cama TRUE belta frajumar

Precio con IVA - 1,914.22

Sofá cama DARO ambiente

Precio con IVA - 1,879.13

Privilege Experience

One of the key factors that the users are looking for when they stay in a hotel is rest. Therefore, having the right hotel bed to guarantee the wellbeing of our customers must be essential. From Beltá Frajumar, manufacturers of design and upholstered furniture, we have a wide catalogue of hotel beds so that your guest’s stay becomes an unforgettable experience.

pie de cama BRIN
BRIN pie de cama

Precio con IVA - 793.76

LUMI pie de cama

Precio con IVA - 0.00

The hotel desk is a piece of furniture that plays an important role in the room, as its design, shapes and solid wood finishes give personality to the room in which it is placed. It is essential that the desk for contract and hotels is a piece of furniture that is highly resistant to use and that over time retains its functionality and attractiveness as the rest of the furniture that makes up the hotel.

escritorio de madera BESK marca Belta Frajumar
BESK escritorio

Precio con IVA - 699.00808.00

POET escritorio

Precio con IVA - 1,349.15

SPIN escritorio ambiente

Precio con IVA - 1,055.12

Ottomans for hotel and contract are undoubtedly one of the most important and versatile elements for decorating common areas, lobbies, lounges and hotel receptions with style, giving personality and life to each space in which they are placed. Manufactured by highly experienced upholsterers, the pouffes for the hotel sector have a wide variety of upholstery, stitching and finishes of great elegance and a very careful design.

2 puffs opof con fondo gris

Precio con IVA - 323.07


Precio con IVA - 236.00


Precio con IVA - 251.68

The contract benches have a design of large dimensions ideal for common areas such as lobbies or dining rooms as is the case of hotel or restaurant benches. Different designs of benches composed of different modular elements that inspire creative and flexible solutions. Modular seating systems that can be placed in different positions, aligned, right-angled or curved.

Did you know that the hotel reception is one of the most important rooms in a hotel complex? Ensuring a unique and unforgettable customer experience starts here. This space becomes an opportunity to offer our guests a unique experience. And doing so through the furniture allows us to create personalised experiences. We must not forget to take care of the reception furniture, which will be our letter of introduction.

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