Tables for hotels and restaurants – Contract

Collection of different types of tables as it is an essential item in hospitality furnishing. In each case, different solutions and materials are applied, depending on the final use it is entitled to, ranging from restaurant, auxiliary or centre to bedside hotel tables.

Hotel tables and restaurant tables

Tables of simple and elegant shapes that offer a large programme of measures and materials that allow adapt it to every type of environment. Tables that are characterized by the strength of its materials and the simplicity of its design. It highlights the visual pureness that is obtained from the handcrafted work with wood, which gives a unique character to each table. Hotel tables in solid wood that adds elegance and functionality to every space through the combination of different sizes. Woodwork where the materials and its handcrafting speaks by itself. Tables with a unique identity inspired on the forge furniture. Ideal furniture to fill timeless spaces. The solid structure of curved and painted iron and dried by a furnace. Contact us! We are hotel furniture manufacturers with plus than 50 years of experience.