Foot of the bed seats for the hospitality sector – Contract

Different options of stools, benches or ottomans for the foot of the bed. Available in wood, steel or fabric, provide a distinguishing value of elegance and personality in the rooms they are used in.

Bed foot bench for hotels and pouffes manufacturer

a big selection of foot of beds seats for hospitality projects that pass its energy and functionality. The mix of its materials and fabrics achieve that the benches have an experience of wellness, strength and cohabitation. Every piece finds its expression adapting itself to the space on high-quality and resistance fabrics. besides the options on wood and metals. The foot of the bed is manufactured under the technical development carried with aesthetic and functional designs, resulting in light and dynamic pieces. The different options of the benches are from the straight upholsters, lined, Chester upholster, the inclusion of metal or wood elements, a big variety of finishes and eventually, the options for the most rigorous hoteliers.

Exclusive manufacture for hotel projects.