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Une bonne conception

A good design gives life to products in which coexist the relation between « form and function ». « Function » is not only a « practical » function. For instance, a car function is to go from a place to another. This function: the displacement, may be satisfied by a car of « entry level », so, What is a function of a Ferrari?  First of all, generate emotions, a status symbol, etc. Eventually transporting.

The difference between who understand the value of design and who do not understand is in the appreciation of the word « function ».

The difference expresses the business through its products, that always must be coherent with the level of the brand and the market in which it operates. We have Alessi as an example; It has created three different lines, three different brands, coherent all of them with the mother house.

Alessi office, a brand of refined, expensive, experimental products. Small production, limited editions.

A di Alessi, a good relation price/quality, design for everybody.

Alessi, an industrial production in a great scale, the maximum level of workforce and design.

This brand does not have different identities, but they reflect three different expressions of the « corporate identity » itself.

An important reflexion that must be done: not so much the congruence between the level of design and the level of the brand, but the coherence between the elements of the design as a representation of the brand.

« Design is the most visible element available for the brand »

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