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World Environment Day

World Environment Day


World Environment Day was decreed by the United Nations (UN) in 1974 and Beltá Frajumar contributes to raise awareness about the need to protect and care for our planet and the environment because it is, after all, our home.

“Reimagine, recover, restore”.

“Reimagine, recover, restore” is the main slogan of this year’s World Environment Day 2021 and we want to continue to honour our CSR (corporate social responsibility) in the best possible way.

Therefore we manufacture products that have a long life and help the responsible use of natural resources.

In Beltá Frajumar every day we contribute to the care of the environment, through the use of 100% recycled cardboard packaging but today we want you to know all the actions we have carried out to respect it and get the ISO 14001 certification.


ISO 14001 Certification, What is it?

The ISO 14001 standard provides us with a frame of reference to protect the environment and in this way, we respond to changing environmental conditions, always in balance with socioeconomic needs and by specifying requirements for an environmental management system that makes it possible for our organisation to improve its environmental performance, as we wish.

This standard enables us to demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection.

The actions we take to contribute to the Environment


Solar Panels


In Beltá Frajumar we have long been committed to solar energy. That is why last year we decided to install solar panels in our facilities.

In this way we get clean, renewable energy and 100% free of CO2 emissions, taking advantage of the sun’s rays and converting them into electricity.



100% Recycled and recyclable cardboard box packaging material


All orders from Beltá Frajumar are packed in 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes, thus minimising waste, as recycled cardboard does not lose durability or strength and is one of the materials with the lowest environmental impact.

In addition, the energy saved from recycling cardboard can be used in the manufacture of other resources as 90% less water and 50% less electricity are needed for manufacturing.



Ethical Luxury


In Beltá Frajumar we are committed to ecology, with the care of the environment and with our surroundings, therefore, we use materials such as marble, wood and stone which are extracted with environmentally friendly techniques, always with elegance, luxury and detail in each product.


Long lasting Furniture


As mentioned above, we only work with wood from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and environmentally responsible needs of future generations.

Therefore we manufacture products that have a long life and help the responsible use of natural resources.


Beltá Frajumar works under a Quality Management System certified by the company Bureau Veritas.


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