What does the Logo-ecodesign mean?

Sofá ecodesign

In the new catalogue, you will see some new models with this sign ecodesign. It is the demonstration of the commitment of the firm with the care and protection of the environment. This seal is assigned to those models that are using eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing process,  such as the use of:

.Cushion foams made with polyurethane and soybean oil.

.Glues used have water base. No solvents coming from oil products.

Through a policy of environmental management, the firm coordinates all the goals and strategic lines to comply in relation to the ecology. 

Beltá & Frajumar has ISO 14001 certification by Bureau Veritas and the Spanish Foundation of wood has certified us as a company committed to best practices in the field of eco-innovation through the development of the eco-design-based prototype.

Beltá & Frajumar believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to meet the social and economic needs and environmentally responsible for future generations.

For further information in info@beltav2.servidorbilnea.com



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